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Police Pepper Spray 84-Year-Old Black Woman In Her Home

Police Pepper Spray 84-Year-Old Black Woman In Her Home

Global News: According to Fox 23 News, Muskogee, Oklahoma police are currently investigating some of their officers for pepper-spraying an 84-year-old woman in her home.

It is believed the officers were looking  for Geneva Smith’ son who had refused to come out.

It was at the point that the police kick the door down,  on hearing the noise the grandmother came out to find out what going on.

She was asked by 1 of  the  four to six officers  to turn around which she did.

Body cam footage that was police released this week shows there were only 40 seconds between asking the grandmother to turn around and her being sprayed in the face’ 

Geneva Smith was handcuffed, dragged to the police car and taken to jail, was later hospitalized.

Speaking to Fox 23 she said she ‘never expected for a senior citizen to be treated so poorly by those who are supposed to protect and serve the community.’ 

heart breaking news

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This is really heart breaking!

Watch Video/ Read more at FOX23 News

Credit: FOX23 News

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