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Royal Crisis: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Royal Crisis: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle



The Queen, Prince Harry and Prince Charles have all left Sandringham after holding the ‘Royal Crisis discussions’

Reading from the Queens statement, looks like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be sticking to their orignaal plan of speniding 50/50 of their time here in the UK and Canada.

A statement from Her Majesty The Queen.

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Harry and Meghan have decided to move to Canada to more or less start a new life.  Since their announcement was made the attacks on Meghan Markle has increased drastically.

Others are cautioning those blaming and racially abusing Meghan to get the fact right. Because in 2017  ‘Prince Harry ‘wanted out’ of royal family.

This means, Meghan is not the instigator of Prince Harry moving abroad. When people have children they have different prospective towards the world.

They see things differently, Maybe he just wants to raise his child outside the scrutiny of the public eye.

Others believe Prince Harry being the 5/6th to the throne means makes it easier for him make certain decisions. 

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There has been other rumours about Prince Williams’ “bullying attitude.” toward His brother and Meghan.

However, today they have released  a joint statement  to debunk the rumours.

We pray this royal issues get sorted and everyone lives in harmony.  🙏 

Below are some of the views from the public



‘Here Are 20 Headlines Comparing Meghan Markle To Kate Middleton That Might Show Why She And Prince Harry Are Cutting Off. Over the years, Meghan has been shamed for the same things for which her sister-in-law, Kate, has been praised  From buzzfeednews 


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