sangu1sanguSangu DelleSangu is a passionate Pan-Africanist who has travelled to about 30 countries was named Africa’s top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs by Forbes in 2014. While enrolled at Harvard,Sangu co-founded Cleanacwa (formerly the African Development Initiative), which embarked on a five-year project to bring sanitation and clean water to Agyementi, a village in Ghana. Today Cleanacwa is working in underdeveloped regions to make sure that water and sanitation, basic human rights, are provided. When he’s not working on wells in Suhum or meeting startups in Nairobi, Sangu works on his coursework. He is a current Soros Fellow pursuing a dual Juris Doctor of Law and MBA at Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. Sangu’s main goal in life is to serve God.

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