The videos below explain how the Door of no return in Ghana played a vital horrific role in the transatlantic Slave trade that saw the worst demeaning atrocities ever done to humanity. 

Did you know there are the 3 castles and over 15 Forts located in different regions in Ghana? 


As the image from Cape Coast Castle states

”May humanity never again perpetuate such injustice against humanity’

‘Today we see a beautiful sea, our ancestors and forefathers over 400 years ago saw this same shores as source of pain,  bloodshed, tears and heartbreak’ JustinaD



This the Year of return 2019, in remembrance of the anguish of our ancestors over 400 years ago.



We hope those returning to the motherland, will find peace.

There door or return is very symbolic in Ghana’s history,  and those seeking to trace their origin or ancestors



Steve Harvey Visits Ghana

Broderick Stephen Harvey is a renowned veteran American TV presenter, actor, radio presenter, comedian, author and producer with an undeniable influence in the United States’ entertainment industry.

His outstanding career has won him numerous legendary awards and honors in the entertainment world.

Notably, he is a four-time winner of the NAACP Image Awards Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series, BET Humanitarian Award, 2011 BET Awards.

2013 Hollywood Walk of Fame, 2013 Marconi Award, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host – Steve Harvey among others.

He is the current host of the famous Miss Universe pageant since 2015 and recently visited the Elmina Castle and Cape Coast in Ghana.



Harvey was spotted crying when he toured the iconic Elmina Castle on the Cape Coast, Ghana with his family on Friday.

Steve Harvey in Ghana
Steve Harvey in Ghana. Photo Credit: Steve Harvey

The brutality and torture that Africans endured during the era of slavery was too much to bear.

Arguably, no one will visit the Door Of No Return without shedding tears for African ancestors’ courageous endurance.

Notably, in 2009, the former president of the United States, Barrack Obama reflected on this when he – along with his family – visited the dreadful site.

Other tourists often hallucinate the cries ofAfricans in the historic castle...


While at school, Harvey discovered his talent as he never stopped making colleagues laugh and decided to give it a shot.

His effort was soon rewarded with his first stand-up comedy in 1985 at the Hilarities Comedy Club, Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1990, he made it to the final stage of the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search contest to confirm his talent and hard work in bringing himself to limelight in the world of comedy.

This earned him his first job as a TV host with “Showtime at the Apollo.” Following a breakthrough in the stand-up comedy, he was called up to participate in the ABC series, “Me and the Boys” in 1994.

Harvey became the face of the country, a legend and his successful career were enough to open more doors in the entertainment industry.


He took to radio stations to host numerous events such as the Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud among others.

The humble entertainment mogul has since then hosted the annual event to date…

His visit to Ghana has been a real eye opener for him, his family and friends. The injustices against his ancestors through the horrific slave trade has been a very shocking and humble experience for him…

”May humanity never again perpetuate such injustice against humanity’~ Cape Coast Castle




The Year of Return -Ghana

Slavery is one brutal phenomenon associated with the centuries in the past.

The only problem as to why it may preferably not be seen as a socio-economical system is that the Africans accounted for nearly 90% of the victims at this time.

Countries that immensely benefited from slavery includes the Dutch, Britain, Portugal and more. 

For United States of America, as many tobaccos, and cotton industrialist forced Africans and other defenceless tribes to till their soil or get killed.


The Year of Return



The Year of Return is a memorable milestone in the history of Africans as it was enshrined to mark the arrival of the first enslaved innocent Africans on American soil (Jamestown, Virginia).

Africans were kidnapped, bought and stolen.

The torture, deprivation, humiliation, raping, beatings, killings suffered in the hands of the slave-master inspire Africans home and in the diaspora to take part in the remembrance of their forefathers.


”May humanity never again perpetuate such injustice against humanity’


The 400th annual remembrance is from 5th through the 14th of August 2019

The Africans of timber and caliber are trooping in to celebrate the flexibility of the victims of the long-lasting Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Notably at the time is the famous“Door of No Return,” 


The Year of Return


The dreadful situation of the “Middle Passage” (Atlantic) was enough to take the lives out of the Africans who were boarding a ship for the first time.

It was stated, however, that whoever marched past the fearful Door of No Return as a slave would never set eyes on his or her fatherland until demise.


The Year of Return


Africa endured this inhumane act and can live past the traumatic condition of its citizens.

Today, the presumed Door of No Return has become the door of return as many curious Africans have visited the door to imagining the unimaginable torture the slave endured.


The 2019 celebration promises to bring Ghana to the whole world as one of the popular tourist locations for Africans and the people of the world.


This will further improve the economy of the country, and as a result, adequate preparation has been made towards the recipient of tourists across the globe.



The Year of Return


Africans have returned and sure will continue to make resounding history as their ancestors had paid the invaluable price with their blood and sweat.

The Year of Return


Credit: Ghana Education/History/Schooling In Ghana/Research/First hand Info/ Cape Coast Castle