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Door Of No Return Ghana…

Door Of No Return Ghana…

The Year of Return

The videos below explain how the Door of no return in Ghana played a vital horrific role in the transatlantic Slave trade that saw the worst demeaning atrocities ever done to humanity. 

Did you know there are the 3 castles and over 15 Forts located in different regions in Ghana? 


As the image from Cape Coast Castle states

”May humanity never again perpetuate such injustice against humanity’

‘Today we see a beautiful sea, our ancestors and forefathers over 400 years ago saw this same shores as source of pain,  bloodshed, tears and heartbreak’ JustinaD



This the Year of return 2019, in remembrance of the anguish of our ancestors over 400 years ago.



We hope those returning to the motherland, will find peace.

There door or return is very symbolic in Ghana’s history,  and those seeking to trace their origin or ancestors



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