President Samia Suluhu has made history in the country’s politics as the first female president following the demise of the sitting president John Magafuli. 

Samia Hassan has been sworn in today as the President of Tanzania. She is the sixth President and the First  Female of President Tanzania.

With her calm nature, President Samia Suluhu unexpectedly rose to the position of vice president after the late president Magufuli selected her as his running mate and won the elections.

She made history again today, Friday, March 19, 2020 when she was officially sworn in as Tanzania’s first female president at the state hose before state officials at the state’s capital, Dar es Salaam.

In the presence of cabinet members and past presidents of Tanzania including Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Jakaya Kikwete and Abeid Karume, vice president samia hassan took an oath of office with a Quran in her right hand which was overseen by chief justice Chief Justice Ibrahim Jumavowing.

The 61-year-old Hassan, dressed in black suit and red hijab pledged to protect the east African country’s constitution and hold it in high esteem.

Samia Hassan sworn in today as the President of Tanzania

Speaking at her investiture, she urged Tanzanians to come together and stay connect by letting go of their differences in order to focus on the country’s development which was the main dream of her late predecessor.

Also, she promised to continue the works ahead as espoused by the late president because she’s already been prepared for the task ahead by Magufuli since teaching was part of him.

President Samia Hassan was born in Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous archipelago of Tanzania in January 1960.

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During that period in Tanzania, most women were denied of education because parents had the perception that a woman’s place was the kitchen.

However, Samia Hassan was privileged to be part of the few women to undergo education and training at the primary and secondary level where she studied statistics and completed in 1977.

Samia Suluhu: First Female Tanzania President

President Samia Suluhu then gained employment opportunity at the government sector in the Ministry of planning and Development to be precise. In 1992, she joined Tanzania’s chapter of World Food Program as a Project Manager.

Same year, Hassan obtained a certificate in postgraduate Diploma in Economics at the University of Manchester, London.

Climbing to the top of the educational ladder, she earned a joint Master’s Degree programme in Community Economic Development from the Open University of Tanzania and Southern New Hampshire University in the United States of America.

She began her political career in 2005 when she was first selected to join the Zanzibar House of Representatives and was given a ministerial position by the then president Amani Karume.

 In 2010, she contested and won the National Assembly for the Makunduchi parliamentary seat with over 80% percent of the vote.

Four years later, Hassan was nominated as the Cabinet minister and became Vice-Chairperson of the Constitutional Assembly responsible for the drafting of a new constitution for Tanzania.

Her skillful ways of addressing several challenges on that field earned her the nation’s respect. In July 2015, presidential candidate for Tanzania’s largest political party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), John Magufuli appointed her as his running mate.

President Samia Hassan has formerly begun the task ahead as the continuation of the five-year term commenced by late president John Magufuli as directed by the country’s constitution.

Tanzanians are still in a 14-day mourning state as burial plans are yet to be announced by the newly installed president.

Photo Credit; TZ Daily | TZ Rhem

Breaking News: News reaching the public is that Tanzanian President, John Magufuli has passed away, following couple of weeks of disappearing from public life fuelling the speculation of his health.

Vice President of the country, Samia Suluhu Hassan broke the heart-breaking news to the world in a televised address to the nation on Wednesday night.

She indicated that President Magufuli’s death was caused by a heart complications which he was battling for almost a decade and was undergoing medication at Mzena government hospital in the capital of Tanzania since Sunday. He was 61.

She added that the country will observe 2 weeks of national mourning as the state officials and the bereaved family make arrangement for the President’s burial.

Head of states both locally and internationally have expressed their deepest condolences on various social media platforms in honour of the late president.

After February 27, President Magufuli who was usually seen in public was suddenly missing and this sparked rumour that he had been infected with Covid 19 which he’s been sceptical about.

However, leaders of the country boycotted the claims that the president was ill few days ago.

Currently, Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan is the acting president until her official swearing in as Tanzania’s president.

Samia Suluhu Hassan first female president of Tanzania


She will continue the five-year term that Magufuli began serving last year after winning the presidential seat for the second time as stated in the country’s constitution. She will also become the only female president of Tanzania.

‘We have lost our strong Leader the president of united republic of Tanzania Doc John Pombe Joseph Magufuli’

Who is President Magufuli?

He was born in 1959 in Chato, north-western of Tanzania to a farmer. He was a teacher by profession who taught mathematics and chemistry at the Sengerema Secondary School in Tanzania from 1982 to 1983.

After a year into his teaching  profession, he decided to quit and got employed by the Nyanza Cooperative Union Limited where he worked as an industrial chemist between 1989 and 1995.


Before he was elected as Tanzanian president in 2015, he was nicknamed “the bulldozer” due to his rigorous and no-nonsense approach to corruption, laziness and money wasting among Tanzanian government officials and channelling a course to road constructions as a Minister of Works, Transport and Communications.

John Magufuli Tanzania’s president dies aged 61

During his first term as president and on his first day in office, he sent a strong warning that he was not going to condone the persistent absenteeism among the country’s civil service.

At the office of the finance minister, he combed for absent workers as well as “ghost workers” and cleared their names from the public payroll. He also expelled officials who he perceived as corrupt and lazy in the eyes of the public.

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Another decision he took regarding extravagant spending by government officials was to take down Tanzania’s Independence Day celebration for the first time in 54years to save the country about 4billion Tanzanian shilling, which was the estimated amount that would have been spent for the celebration.

Instead, he ordered for general cleaning which he himself was seen on camera clearing garbage from the streets and stated that the money would rather be used for building of roads.

He was known as the bulldozer president 

He dissolved the governing board at the Muhimbili hospital and fired the hospital’s director due to poor services, poor hygiene and lack of equipment maintenance after his unannounced visit to the hospital. He the hospital workers to repair all the spoilt equipment’s.

He cancelled the sitting allowance for officials, reduced state’s dinner budgets from 300million to 25million shillings and ordered that the rest must be used to buy hospital beds and mattresses.

Officials and Engineers of the country were banned from using luxury vehicles under president Magufuli’s administration.


All these actions under his governance was hailed by many Tanzanians and served as a learning grounds for other African leaders in governing their states but, there were also some extreme decisions that the masses didn’t like.

They include banning of live telecast of parliamentary proceedings to save money, ordering for the arrest of a Tanzanian rapper, Nay wa Mitego for his choice of lyrics, suspending newspapers, increasing taxation among several austere regulations in the country.

He was regarded as one of Africans best leader.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and Tanzania. RIP President John Magufuli

Congratulations are in order! Saniniu Laizer, a Tanzanian small-scale miner has sold one of the scarcest rocks on earth, “Tanzanite” mined in the site of northern Tanzania.

Mr. Saniniu Laizer who mined the most expensive rock in Tanzania last week sold them today to the Tanzanian mining ministry in an open market ceremony in Tanzania.

According to reports, the two Tanzanite rocks unearthed by 52 year  old Mr. Lazier has a combined weight of 15kg (2.3lb) and  worth, 3.4 million dollars. Based on the amount generated from the two mining rocks, Mr. Lazier who is 52.

It  is believed that, it can take as long as 20 years before it might completely deflate.


Tanzanite found by Mr. Saniniu Laizer

President of the Republic of Tanzania, John Magufuli sent his congratulatory message to Mr. Laizer by calling him.

As part of the congratulatory message, the president reminded small-scale miners that their country is rich in minerals and the achievement of Mr. Laizer is part of the benefit derived from small-scale mining


President Magufuli has promised to protect the country’s interests in the area of mining as well as increasing the government’s income from the mining sector.

The 52 years old overnight millionaire was given the platform to express his feelings about this accomplishment.

He told the press, he would celebrate his success by slaughtering one of his cows and throw a big party.

Mr. Saniniu Laizer’s motive is to help

‘his community and the money he has received will be invested in businesses and build a school for the community because a lot of people in his community are unable send their wards to school due to financial complications’

He concluded by saying that, he will continue looking after his 2,000 cows and make sure his children oversee the businesses in a proficient manner because he prefers things done in a professional way even though he’s not educated.


Source: Tanzania news |Photo by  Branding Tannzania

Tanzanian business tycoon Reginald Mengi, has sadly passed away in Dubai. The cause of death is yet to be announced. He was 75 years old.

”I grew up in poverty, but I always saw it as a challenge. The good thing is that you can surmount a challenge if you are willing to pay the price. The Price is hard work” ~Reginald Mengi

The1st Billionaire in Tanzania, had just celebrated his wedding anniversary with his 39-year-old wife

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr Mengi ‘s family and all his loved ones.

According to Multiple media outlets, Dr Mengi dead after short illness. His death was confirmed by two of his media outlets, ITV and Radio ONE

Billionaire Reginald Mengi  was a  self-made media mogul.  He was the Chairman of Confederation of Tanzania Industries, Radio One, IPP Gold, Handeni Gold, TV, Media Owners Association and more.

The Media Mogul was married to 39, former Miss Tanzania Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe-Mengi, They married in 2015 and had 2 sons.

The couple recently celebrated their wedding anniversary.

Tribute has been pouring in for the late Tanzania Billionaire Reginald Mengi The President of Tanzania, John Magufuli took to his twitter page with the message below:

”Nimesikitishwa na taarifa za kifo cha Mzee na Rafiki yangu Dkt. Reginald Mengi. Nitamkumbuka kwa mchango wake mkubwa ktk maendeleo ya Taifa letu na maono yake yaliyopo ktk kitabu chake cha I Can, I Will, I Must. Poleni wanafamilia, wafanyakazi wa IPP na Jumuiya ya Wafanyabiashara” ~ John Magufuli

”I am disappointed with the news of the death of an elder and my friend

Dr. Reginald Mengi. I will remember him for his great contribution

to the development of our nation and his vision …” President of Tanzania, John Magufuli

RIP Legend

Gone Too Soon


Photo Credit:  Dr. Reginald Mengi