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Nigeria has a population of about 150 million people.  Its major natural resources as crude oil founded in 1956. Nigeria was coined by Miss Flora Shaw in 1897, wife of Lord Lugard, the then British-Nigeria High commissioner. The name originated from the Niger River.
There are over 150 different ethnic groups in Nigeria, the 3 main dominant tribes are Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba.

The Igbo kingdom

Igbo kingdom’s origin can be traced to their ancestral founder called Nri and Ala, the earth goddess (9th century AD) 
They believed that the Nri founded the Nri kingdom located in the present day Anambra state.  Nri had three sons, Eri, Arodi, and Areli, who also had 4 sons (Aguleri, Aro, Oweri, and Umuleri) that formed the major Igbo ancestral towns.
The early Igbos were mostly traders of yams, palm wine and clay pots. Nri the founder of Igbo was said to have ascended back to the sky on the Eke market day.

The Yorubas

In the present day Western Nigeria. The Yoruba is predominantly dominated by the Yoruba speaking people originated from the old Il-Ife Kingdom.
Around the late 8th century, there reined an empire referred to as Ile-Ife in the Yoruba dominated area which was governed by a supreme king called Ooni of Ife; the Ile-Ife thus formed the Yorubas ancestral home even till date.

The Hausa kingdom

Northern Nigeria referred to as Hausas because their local language was called so. The origin of the Hausa Kingdom could be attributed to a 5th century, a legend called Bayajida who came from a place known as Baghdad to the Borno Kingdom. He took the Queen of Daura for marriage and a Gwari mistress
Bayajida later had three sons from his three wives which one (Bawo) from the Queen of Daura, another (Biram) from the Borno princess and yet another (Karbogari) from his Gwari mistress.
Bawo the first son succeeded his father after his death and had 6 sons and Karbogari the son of the second wife also latter had seven sons, the two which later became Hausa as they are known today.
The primary trade of the Hausa to Mali Empire was gold, salt, leather, cloths, kola nut, slaves and henna. The Hausa kingdom was conquered and incorporated into a more centralized Fulani Sokoto Caliphate. 

Before Independence

Between 1896 to 1897, the British penetrated and defeated the strongest hold of old Benin Empire sending king Ovonramwen of Benin into exile. The British further to launch the Anglo-Aro war, burning down Igbos’ houses and crops against the Igbo resistance to colonialism
Subject to the arrival of many indigenous elites into Nigeria,  the formation of many political parties and unions by the Nigeria Nationalists starting from the Albert Marculey foundation of Nigeria National Democratic Pact (NNDP) in 1922, Nnamdi Azikiwe introduction of National Youths’ Movement (NYM) in 1938, the Abafemi Awolow creation of Action Group (AG) etc,

Nigeria Indenpence

Nigeria attained independence on October 1, 1960, Nigeria was given independence following the handing over of Freedom chatter to Jaja Nwachukwu, the then speaker house of representative by Queen Alexandra Kent of England in 1959. Thus, Nnamdi Azikiwe was installed as the Governor-General of the New Federation and Alj. 
Credit: Research/ Ghana education/Nigeria History/Education/Passdownhistory

Nigeria is about to witness a giant leap in its automobile industry. It’s the car revolution we have all been waiting for

The CIG Motors Automobile Plant in Lagos, Nigeria
The CIG Motors Automobile Plant in Lagos, Nigeria

Dare Art Alade To Host The Unveiling of GAC Motors’ Latest GS4 Brand on Monday 12th December, 2016 at Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

On Monday 12th December 2016, China’s leading automaker GAC motors will be unveiling its premiere GS4 brand at the Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos.

A delegation from China led by the General Manager of GAC Motors will be making their first visit to Nigeria for this high profile event.

It will be hosted by the award winning musician Dare Art Alade who would also be giving a stellar performance at the event.

Stephanie Linus receiving a car prize from Chief Diana Chen at the AMVCA 2016
Stephanie Linus receiving a car prize from Chief Diana Chen at the AMVCA 2016

The GS4 brand has scored many ­firsts. GS4 scored 80.68 points in the C-ECAP assessment and became the ­first SUV vehicle model to receive the gold medal. 

This best-selling model has just made its debut to Lagos, Nigeria where it is currently been assembled.

It has optimal fuel efficiency with a combined fuel consumption of 6.3 L/100 km (37.3 MPG) and only 36dB in idling noise to provide undisturbed driving space for car owners.

Speaking about the vehicle, Chief Diana Chen, Chairman of CIG Motors and Chief host of the event said

“Applying sustainable and eco-friendly technologies in vehicle production and automotive decoration is one of our primary goals.

All cars manufactured by GAC Motor follow the highest standards and use only the best quality and environmental friendly materials.”

It would also be recalled that Chief Diana Chen is the first Chinese woman to receive a Chieftaincy title here in Nigeria.

Dare Art Alade & Chairman of CIG Motors, Chief Diana Chen
Dare Art Alade & Chairman of CIG Motors, Chief Diana Chen

No doubt this is a choice car for Nigerians and it has been said continuously in the automotive industry in Nigeria that the launch of the GS4 car is set to create a revolution in Nigeria’s automobile Industry.

The Unveiling is expected to be an event of pomp and pageantry as select stakeholders of Nigeria’s automobile industry, captains of industry, celebrities, political leaders and heads of corporate organisations have confirmed attendance.

Some of the celebrities who will be gracing this occasion are Stephanie Linus, who received a car from GAC Motors for carting away the Best Overall Movie In Africa Award at the AMVCA Awards 2016 and the award winning Movie Director, Kunle Afolayan.

Date: Monday 12th December, 2016

Time: 6.30PM

Venue: Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos

RSVP: For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact:

Phillip 08099900775

Funmi 08090444555

Facebook CEO/ Internet entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg is visiting  (Nigeria) Africa for the first time. During his visit, Mark Zuckerberg met with with developers and entrepreneurs.

He also ”got to talk to kids at a summer coding camp and entrepreneurs who come to CcHub to build and launch their apps”

mark zuckerberg in nigeria..

One of his stops was at Andela, an engineering organisation that both Mark Zuckerberg And Priscilla Chan’s funded to to the tune of $24 Million to enable them train African Engineers

After his meetings with developers and partners, and exploring Nollywood Mark Zuckerberg also had chance to meet some of the stars…Actors, Comedians, musicians…

mark zuckerberg in nigeria

More photos Via/credit Rita Dominic Facebook

photos via Rita Dominic

photos via Rita Dominic photos via Rita Dominic

What African country do you think Mark Zuckerberg  will visit next???

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WED Expo, The Baby Show, African Textile Expo & African Beauty Expo to Hold together in Lagos & Abuja

Lagos and Abuja are you ready? Exhibition Guru is one Nigeria’s major exhibition companies with proof of successful exhibitions and for the first time we are bringing together 4 co-located exhibitions to Lagos and Abuja this September.

From the successes of WED Expo over the years, we are adding African Beauty Expo, The Baby Show and African Textile Expo.

African Beauty Expo

The Power of 4 cannot be less than a MEGA expo. Your Business cannot to miss this.

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Date: September 9th to 11th

Venue: The Haven Event Center, GRA Ikeja


Date: September 16th to 18th

Venue: M and M Event Center, Garki Area 11

1)The Baby Show


The Baby Show is a landmark event where everything for the bump, the baby and you can be found under one roof. It is an exhibition and conference you do not want to miss as it brings together the best brands and professions for 3 days. Also items related to children of different ages can be transacted at the show.


Who Can Exhibit:

Baby related services, Toys, Maternity service providers, child care centre’s, Children related service/product providers and more!

2)WED Expo


Nigeria’s Largest Wedding Exhibition is in its 4th year with major successes in making life easier for Brides and Grooms to Be. WED Expo has also assisted several small businesses to boost their brand and get more businesses. WED Expo has also been an avenue to showcase big brands who are also looking into getting the young clientele market.


Who Can Exhibit:

Cake bakers, Wedding Planners, Decorators, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Videographers, Drinks management, DJ’s, MC’s, Accessory Retailers, Hair Stylists, Photo booths and more!

3)African Beauty Expo

Billed to be Nigeria’s Largest Beauty Exhibition of Origin, The African Beauty Expo cuts across lines in regards to beauty from makeup to beauty, hair, cosmetics and many more. We also dong just focus on women beauty but also men as well and we ensure all our exhibitors get value for what they are getting into as we also bring professionals that educate attendees on different areas.

Who Can Exhibit:

Makeup Brands, Makeup Resellers, Cosmetic Brands, Cosmetic Resellers, Hair Brands, Beauty Retailers, Stylists, Salons, Cosmetic merchants, Importers, Manufacturers and more!

4)African Textile Expo

African Textile Expo is going to be the biggest textile expo in Nigeria with a cross section of different types of fabrics that the consumer wants. This is a retail event where lots of sales will go on and the best of the best manufacturers and merchants will showcase their products.

Who Can Exhibit:

Textile manufacturer’s, Textile merchants, Small business fabric stores and more!

Why co-location?

It simply just means more clients for your business and as a guest it means a one stop shop for different items you definitely need.


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Why Exhibit?

-Showcase to thousands of attendees at the expo

-In times like this you want to push your product and services to more people

-Explore and seek new market penetration

-Enhance your brand awareness

-Product activations for sales

-Sell your products or service at the expo

To Book a Booth

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The First episode of the new drama series #Before30 scheduled for March 22, has been rescheduled to 29th March 20th. Can catch it on African Magic channel 153… Before 30 is a drama series centered around four women living in Lagos and the pressures they face to be married before they turn 30. Their stories are told through the eyes of the lead character Temi Coker (Damilola Adegbite) and follows the lives of her three friends, the sexy Nkem (Beverly Naya), conservative…

Damilola-Adegbite.from the Premiere of Before 30 jpg from the Premiere of Before 30 Ladies

One of the must watch drama series! Enjoy the clip below!  First episode airs today March 22nd! Can catch it on African Magic channel 153.

Lets make it one of the best Drama Series!

Credit: #BF30/Instagram

Nigeria“Nigeria is now free of Ebola,” WHO representative Rui Gama Vaz told a news conference in the capital Abuja on Monday.

“The virus is gone for now. The outbreak in Nigeria has been defeated. This is a spectacular success story that shows to the world that Ebola can be contained,” Vaz said.

“The average Nigerian is relieved … a lot of people have been quite scared. Officials want people to celebrate but to remain cautious.

“Nigeria is a transport hub, and the virus can be brought back, and this is why officials are not taking any chances,” Mutasa said.

Nigeria becomes the second country in west Africa to be declared Ebola free in the past week. On Friday, the UN health agency declared Senegal free of Ebola after it passed the 42 day landmark.

“WHO officially declares the Ebola outbreak in Senegal over and commends the country on its diligence to end the transmission of the virus,” the WHO said.

In all, eight people died out of 20 confirmed cases in Nigeria’s biggest city, Lagos, and the oil hub of Port Harcourt, while nearly 900 people were monitored for signs of the disease.

Great news

60-year-old womanA woman said to be 60 has just been delivered of a baby at a Lagos hospital. For 31 years, Mrs Omolara Irurhe was globetrotting not for pleasure but in search of a child. She was a guest in the best hospitals.

 But in 2010, her journey ended in the most unlikely hospital and country when she began an Invitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment at the St. Ives Hospital in Lagos. On Monday, what began as a seed hope four years ago culminated in the delievery of a bouncing baby girl.

Mrs. Irurhe becomes the oldest IVF mother in Africa. The global recognition for oldest IVF delivery goes to Rajo Deri Lohan, an Indian who in 2008 was delivered of a baby at 69 years.

The IVF Unit at St. Ives Hospital successfully aided the conception and delivery of the baby and has now equaled the United Kingdom’s record of IVF age delivery.

The team of doctors at the hospital was led by the Chief Medical Director, Dr. Tunde Okewale, who expressed joy at the successful delivery. Okewale said the physical condition of the mother – and not just the age – is a major factor that determines the success of conception and delivery through IVF.