Afia Schwarzenegger’ ex- boyfriend, Prince Darlington says he ‘slept with her out of pity’  ouch!

Relationships, Love And Sex: Why Do Some Men Love To Kiss And Tell?

Following their breakup (because of Menzgold saga which resulted in Darlington’s mother publicly ending their relationship) the Multiple Award winning Comedian Afia Schwarzenegger has stated that (via video)

‘Darlington mother who begged her to marry her son but refused the gesture because her son has low IQ.

“Madame you saw me at the mall with boyfriend and begged me to marry your son. But I told you I can’t deal with your son’s low IQ…How many times have you begged my family to talk to me about that clown of a son of yours?”


Prince Williams Darlington has taken to the media (Asempa FM) to defend himself. Most Ghanaians believe that, Prince Williams Darlington is hurt because of how Afia Schwarzenegger allegedly described his manhood in public. No man wants the to world to how big or tiny his ‘junk’ is! Period! Ladies remember Most men are very sensitive about their penis size whether is under size or over size,


Others think is very distasteful for any man, no matter how hurt or upset they to publicly humiliate a woman by saying he slept with her out of pity  ouch!  During an interview Darlington told the Asempa FM that he was pressured by Afia Schwarzenegger leading him to that ‘pity sex’

“I never wanted to sleep with her, it was out of pity and constant harassment from her and I definitely used a condom,” … he used a condom because  ‘Hon. Kennedy Agyapong said some time ago… He said Afia has AIDS.” 


He said  Afia Schwarzenegger sent him her nude photos, kept calling him constantly. Darlington also believes Afia Schwarzenegger is not telling the truth about his the paternity of her twin boys…


Men: Would you Sleep with a woman out of pity?  Is it right or gentlemanlike for men to kiss and tell? 


Men would you Sleep with a woman out of pity?  Is it right or gentlemanlike for men to kiss and tell? 
Ladies: Have you ever told your friends about the penis size whether is under size or over size of your partner?


Ladies have you ever told your friends about the penis size whether is under size or over size of your partner?






Showdown with Modern Girl:  Our society promotes equality between the sexes as the accepted norm, but how has this influenced the way the mating dance is played out between the men and women in the dating game?

The new breed of woman has taken this equality thing to it’s logical maximum and is effectively playing the game on the prowl: I’m going to call her Modern Girl.


Let’s be clear – this is more than the girl who understands she can say no to your advances and not be loudly questioned about her gender preference and certainly someone for whom there is no glass ceiling at the office: this modern woman is acting more like… a man.

Maybe you’ve dated one, maybe you haven’t. Sooner or later, you will have your own High Noon with Modern Girl: whether or not you survive will depend on how fast you can draw the conclusion that you’re dealing with one.

Have you seen any of these telltale traits lately?


The Good Traits

Your Wallet Will Thank You. Splitting the bill is the absolute norm for Modern Girl. She doesn’t even know what the concept of Going Dutch is about since she’s always expecting to pay her own way.

Heck, she might even out earn you – now there’s food for thought! Don’t panic, just roll with it: with the savings you’ll get from not having to pay for two all the time, that gorgeous 48” Rear Projection HDTV you’ve always wanted for the Ultimate SuperBowl party is finally within your financial means.

African celebs couple

I Need My Space. There’s nothing more irritating that a relationship with a needy chick who waits on your every word, expecting you to schedule two lives instead of one.

Modern Girl, on the other hand, has her own life & her own social circle. For her, a relationship with you isn’t enough reason to give that up. Celebrate the good news: the mid-week beer night with the boys will no longer have to roll on without you when you’re involved.

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Free Agent Status. Exclusivity is not always a requirement for Modern Girl – she’s smart enough to practice safe sex, but practice makes perfect and she’s OK with getting plenty of that with someone other than you.

If you’re horrified, think about it: you’d always wanted to swing a little and here is one girl who’s OK with it. The only problem is if she’s got designs on swinging with the same girl that you’re digging.

And there’s the sublime beauty of it all: you could end up in a ménage à trois without even trying. Perfect.

African Celebs Relationships - dating

Sex, Sex, Sex. Sex with Modern Girl happens sooner. She does not consider you carrying a selection of tastefully flavored condoms on the first date to be presumptuous.

Instead, she sees you as being on the same wavelength, which means ready to get naked on the first date. When I dated a Modern Girl, on our first time to her place, we were watching TV while I was desperately trying to figure out how to make the first move. Imagine my surprise when she got up, pulled the curtains shut, disrobed and gave me a mind-blowing oral assessment on the subject of why immediate intimacy is a good thing. Couldn’t agree more…


The Bad Traits

Welcome to the Off Season. One Modern Girl at my office, when she’s attached, shows up at work in boring clothes, minimal makeup and cheesy spectacles.

Not Hot, when she’s single, however, she struts in every morning wearing figure-hugging outfits, perfect make-up and contact lenses. Hot. Showing your true self once you are comfortable in a relationship was always something the guy did first, but now it’s a foot race on a two-way street.

Maybe that’s fair, but the biggest problem is that not all Modern Girls look good without that hour-long pre-date ritual in front of the mirror. ..Ouch..always look good no matter what…..


The Ugly Trait


Heads Up! Incoming! Guys have always dropped the bombshell when a relationship had hit a dead end. Now, either side can hit the red button and Chernobyl the relationship without any warning.

Guys have been dumped before for stuff like cheating or not paying enough attention, but when you get dumped just because she’s bored with you, you’ll do a gut check that finally tells you if you can handle Modern Girl’s modus operandi.

african celebs


Dating this new breed of Modern Girl is the wave of the future; as more women embrace these ideals and understand how it empowers them, you’ll only get shot down in flames if you don’t adjust your game plan.

I’m not suggesting that you need to start running trick plays to fool the other team, but you have to know how the game is being played to have a chance of enjoying the spoils of victory. If it all ends in a draw, relax – there’s no sudden death overtime here!

More about Relationships/Dating

Ladies prefer with Large….

Men prefer women with big…

By Kenneth J Delbridge /Tonighter 

There are times when it’s better to call it quits than hang around and erode your self-esteem and dignity. Sometimes it’s hard to end a relationship, so how do you know when it’s over without having it spelled out for you?

If she’s gone from singing “I love you just the way you are” to “The Thrill is gone” then it’s time to move on. Here are a few tips.

If the mere thought or actually spending time with your mate makes you feel bad about your self.

Sexual chemistry is the first casualty of a dying relationship-it fizzles. When a someone says the sex is lousy or decreases intimacy, it usually means that other areas are lagging.

If he/she can’t hold a job, cannot hold an intelligent conversation, hold his/her own then the sex will tip the scale in the lousy direction. There is always something else missing

People become dishonest about their true feelings, and they get sarcastic and lie about the little things. They act in ways that are inconsistent with your regular routine.

They start spending more time with friends.

They become disrespectful, roving eyes, they may start flirting with others in front of you, calls others, while with you.


You may notice certain behavioral changes such as drug, alcohol abuse or overeating.

They unnecessarily defensive, critical, and pass judgment on your every move.

They become silent, vague or withdraw.

They start making plans by themselves, your dates together get less frequent, postponed or cancelled. I had one workshop participant who’s boyfriend told her that he had plans for Valentines Day. When he moves from “we” to “I” you know it’s over.

They call less, make excuses, put you on hold have your calls go straight into voicemail.

Seem constantly irritated, act callous and fight constantly.

Compares you to exes

Stops buying gifts or celebrating special occasions like valentines, and birthdays.

Starts Dating someone else… Wondering what to do if you notice any of the above signs?

It’s better to call it quits than hang around and erode your self-esteem and dignity!

By Tonighter

New Vision: I need more sex than my husband can provide. I have been married for 10 years and I feel I can’t go on anymore. I love my husband so much it hurts to have to tell him I want to leave. We have been fighting for four years now, since my dad died, and even more so for the last year, after my mom died. Mainly it’s because I need more sex and intimacy than he can provide.


I feel lost without my parents and I need human contact but he can’t seem to find it important enough to give it to me. He says he loves me but doesn’t have a sex drive any more. He is in his mid-40s and healthy. The more I ask about it the more he holds it back from me. We used to make love almost every other day for five years. Now it’s excuses all the time. Today he says: “I’m too tired.” Tomorrow, “my hip hurts.” The next day, “maybe tomorrow.”

If I have to do everything myself, why should I be married?

This is an open dialogue for everyone to express his or her opinion. What are your views on this issue?  

Credit: New Vision

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