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What To Do If Your Husband Cannot…

What To Do If Your Husband Cannot…

New Vision: I need more sex than my husband can provide. I have been married for 10 years and I feel I can’t go on anymore. I love my husband so much it hurts to have to tell him I want to leave. We have been fighting for four years now, since my dad died, and even more so for the last year, after my mom died. Mainly it’s because I need more sex and intimacy than he can provide.


I feel lost without my parents and I need human contact but he can’t seem to find it important enough to give it to me. He says he loves me but doesn’t have a sex drive any more. He is in his mid-40s and healthy. The more I ask about it the more he holds it back from me. We used to make love almost every other day for five years. Now it’s excuses all the time. Today he says: “I’m too tired.” Tomorrow, “my hip hurts.” The next day, “maybe tomorrow.”

If I have to do everything myself, why should I be married?

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