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Telemundo Africa: Passion for Revenge

Telemundo Africa: Passion for Revenge

A Passion For Revenge… tells a story about the Gallardo brothers’ seeking revenge against Ignacio del Junco, (from the wealthy and powerful del Junco family) the man they believe murdered their sister (Alma Gallardo) as well as responsible for her pregnancy. 

Arturo is played by Aarón Díaz, Gonzalo García Vivanco, plays the role of Flavio and Christian de la Campa as Samuel .quest for vengeance against


After their sister Alma Gallardo’s body was found in the Houston the brothers, brothers Flavio, Arturo and Samuel went to work as laborers for del Junco family in order to avenge their sister’s death.

Their quest for  vengeance and justice becomes very complicated the brothers started to fall in love with the and the del Junco sisters… Sofía played by Ana Lorena Sánchez, Andrea as Scarlet Gruber and Irina as Kimberly Dos Ramos)

Do you think the love and passion can make them forget their mission to vengeance and justice for their sister Alma?

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