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Best Places To Meet Eligible Men…

Best Places To Meet Eligible Men…

So you’ve been out of school for a while. There are way too many women in your office, and too few men. The men at the local bar are a little sketchy. Blind dates are out of the question after that last disaster.You’re still single, though, and are kind of sick of it. Now, you’re just not sure where to start looking. Don’t fret — it turns out, interesting men are everywhere, even in the strangest of places.

An Airplane

Maybe you’re going on a business trip. Maybe you’re going on a family vacation to the Bahamas. According to a survey by corporate travel management company Egencia, 22 percent of businessmen love to talk to their plane seatmates. So, if you’re lucky enough to be seated next to a cutie, instead of putting on your headphones or reading a book, try chatting back. Something great might come out of it.

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At the ER/A&E

Next time you get into a (hopefully not-so-serious) accident, keep your eyes wide open at the ER/A&E. Emergency rooms are a goldmine of hot, single, young doctors. And guess what? CNN Money says ER/A&E doctors rate highly in the areas of job security, personal satisfaction, and future growth. Who knows? One of them might do a lot more than nurse you back to health.

African celebs a&e er


The Coffee Shop/Pub/Club


Sure, this is like meeting men at the bar — but even better. For one thing, they won’t be drunk (well, they shouldn’t be, anyway). For another, that stud over at the other table probably worships coffee as much as you do. And the icing on the cake? Coffee shops are the perfect place to meet artsy creative men.

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The Grocery Store

Love organic food? Are you a health nut? Awesome! You’ll find a few sexy guys hanging around the health foods aisle. If you dream of a man with the perfect six pack but are too self-conscious to chat up cuties at the gym, gross and sweaty, then the grocery store is the obvious choice. african celebs

In Line/Store

Is the cashier taking forever to check out the people in front of you? You might as well make the most of it. If you see a man that catches your eye, it can’t hurt to introduce yourself.

At Yoga/Gym

yoga:gym african celebs

As it turns out, men love yoga, too. Nearly 30 percent of yogis in the United States are men. Maybe those don’t seem like great odds to you, but you can be sure of one thing: meet a man in yoga class, and he’ll not only be super self-aware, but ridiculously flexible, too.

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The Apple Store

Do you love your Apple products? That’s great news. After all, it seems sometimes that men are physically incapable of staying away from the Apple store. Walk in there, spot a hottie, and start asking questions. Or, even better — teach him a thing or two about how tech-savvy you are.

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Whether you’re at work/party/church or any event watch out for that man who is given you extra attention. He might be your future partner. A little bit of flirting never hurt anyone…

Best Places To Meet Eligible Men...african celebs

party girls-

Something great might come out of it.


If you’re still feeling self-conscious about online dating, think about it like this: who wouldn’t want to meet their soulmate without ever having to leave bed? Online dating allows you to come up with a “boyfriend checklist,” too, so there’s a lesser chance that you’ll end up on a date with someone completely incompatible.

How and where did you meet your partner…? We would love to hear from you


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