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What Men Look For In Women

What Men Look For In Women

What Is Sexy To The Opposite Sex: Like it or not, the way we physically look affects our ability to attract, and keep, a partner. People we meet form up to 90% of their opinion about us within the first four minutes, and our physical desirability is assed in less than ten seconds. This is not to say that because you don’t look like Cameron Diaz or Brad Pitt, you can’t do well with the opposite sex. But by understanding how the process of attraction works, and then employing some simple strategies to use it to your advantage, you can easily become alluring.


What Science Shows

Research (Eagly, Ashmore, Makhij and Longo) has shown how we automatically assign positive traits like honesty, intelligence, kindness and talent to good-looking people and we make these judgments without being ware of it.

It may be politically correct to deny the impact of attractiveness on our decision-making but, whether we like it or not, evidence continues to confirm it as true and that our brains are hardwired to react to another’s physical appearance. The good news is that you have control over many of the factors about how you look and can alter things if you want. You can choose to make yourself more attractive.


Men’s Turn-Ons in Priority Order

  1. Athletic body Shape
  2. Sensual Mouth
  3. Full breast
  4. Long Legs
  5. Rounded hips/ small Waist
  6. Hemispherical buttocks
  7. Attractive Eyes
  8. Long Hair
  9. Small Nose
  10. Flat Belly
  11. Arched Vulva
  12. Long Neck



What Men Look for

A. On first sight                                           B. In a long-term partner

  1. Good Looks                                             Personality
  2. Shapely body                                          Good looks
  3. Breasts                                                     Brains
  4. Butt                                                          Humor

african celebs.

List A shows what we already understand – men are visual beings and like to look at attractive women. Most women understand this, and scientific research proves it again and again even though it may not be “politically correct” to acknowledge it. Most feminists abhor the thought of a woman being judged on her physical appearance and describe men as superficial and shallow. But that doesn’t change the fact that men have an overwhelmingly visual response to women on their first approach. The items on the list A are certainly visual and if you are into one-night stands, will certainly do the trick. But not so on list B, where “good looks” is the only visual item men look for in a long-term partner.

african celebs dating

See Also

The survey reveals two things. First, men focus on visual images on their first meeting with a woman, and her overall presentation is more important than whether she has a good body. This means that the way a woman dresses, her makeup, presentation and grooming score her points than id she is carrying a few extra points, has a few pimples or small breasts. Second, in a long-term partner, a man is more interested in a woman’s overall personality, intelligence and sense of humor than her body but “good looks” is still high on his list. The good news is that you largely have control over most of your appearance and you can change things to suit yourself.



It’s a fact of life that a woman’s appearance can attract or repel a man at any time during their relationship. Many women become infuriated about this. They believe it’s unjust that is a man has grey hair or wrinkles he is seen as distinguished and wise, while she is seen as simply being old. But that’s a fact of life. It is also a fact of life that sometimes there is bad weather with thunder and rain, yet there’s absolutely no point in getting upset about it, calling it unfair, saying it’s unjust or holding a rally. The weather is the weather – it doesn’t matter what you think about it. When you accept that, you can prepare for it by having an umbrella, coat, hat, gloves or sun lotion. That way, you can go out in any weather, enjoy it and have a good time. There is no point in staying indoors and complaining about what you can’t change. And so it is with the way men think. Don’s fight them, manage them. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of the way you look, change it….Excerpted from Why Men Don’t Have A Clue And Women Always Need More Shoes. The Ultimate Guide To The Opposite Sex By Barbara And Allan Pease…

Are you a man? What attracts you to the opposite sex? We would love to hear from you…

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