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Trending African Hairstyles

Trending African Hairstyles

African hairstyles

African hairstyles can differ from person to person, there’s so much to choose from. Whether you like Braids, thick braids, sugar daddy braids, Natural hair, kinky hair, twist,  cornrows, weave, crochet hair, ponytail or pick and drop all depends on the occasion as well as what best for your face shape or body type.

There’re things to bear in mind when choosing cool hairstyles. Diverse people, diverse face shapes, some have oval, round, oblong, hearttriangularsquare and diamond.

Do you know your face shape and the best Hair for you?

Hairstyles don’t look the same on everyone.  Some hairstyles can look awesome on your friend or a celebrity, yet look awful on a person because of the shape of their face.

When choosing any African hairstyles always make sure it suits or will suit your face. If in doubt you can always speak to your hairdresser.


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Honestly, it will not even be fair to go for a hairstyle that does not suit or match your face,  because of the amount of time it takes to braid, cornrow, twist…  It takes between 2 or 8 hours sometimes more, depending on how thin or big they you want the hair to be.



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