Today is World Malaria Day: Malaria Vaccine Major Breakthrough!

World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced that the World’s first malaria vaccine  would be tested Ghana, Kenya and Malawi in 2018. These 3 Africa countries where chosen because death Statistics are very high…

The vaccine will help protect and save young lives…. According to reports  420,000 plus people loose their lives each year due to Malaria whilst  over  200+ million new cases of malaria are also reported every year…is shocking to know that mosquitos have killed more humans than wars. Mosquits are very deadly!
We hope the three African countries that have been chosen to test the world’s first malaria vaccine will greatly benefit from the new piloting ‘Vaccination’ scheme.
‘Malaria is preventable and curable’ ~WHO
 Malaria Prevention Saves Lives
 This break through is a very good NEWS for African, malaria has killed millions of people in Africa and it continues to do so every second..

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