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Yewande Biala – Love Island

Yewande Biala – Love Island

Yewande Love Island

Meet Yewande Biala, a First class Honours in Biotechnology from Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland

Love Island Eviction

Yesterday saw an epic ending of love island. Yewande Biala the fan favorite of the season was sent home.

The choice was up to Danny. He had the opportunity of choosing to couple up with Yewande the Tv personality or Arabella and Danny choose Arabelle.

The situation, in general, was not a very pleasant one for anyone involved. Danny was a little fed up after not receiving any affection from Yewande since they coupled up previously.

It took Arabella to come into the villa to make Yewande recognize she needed to show Danny affection.

However, by the time Yewande started to show more affection towards Danny, it was too little too late.

Arabella and Danny went on a date and after that Danny wanted to get to know Arabella more yet still hold on to Yewande.

Yewande Love Island
Photo credit: Yewande

But the recoupling last night made Danny aware he could not have his cake and eat it too because he had to make a quick decision.

Danny is free will and so can choose whom he will be happy with but if he could turn back the time he should have been more clear to

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Yewande that he was swaying more towards Arabella and not lead Yewande on. Things are so intense in the villa it is hard to know what one wants, so Danny made a decision he thought was best for him, and for Yewande the best is yet to come! Danny choose Arabella*** 🤔 

The future is very bright for you Yewande!

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Photo Credit: Yewande Biala

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