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Mike Dumps Leanne – Love Island

Mike Dumps Leanne – Love Island

In tonight’s episode there was a recording. Mike chose Sophie over Leanne who dumped him just yesterday.

Fans are happy Leanne is leaving as she has been unpleasant towards mike recently. We await to hear what Leanne says once she leaves the villa and is interviewed. 

Earlier in the episode Mike tried to move to Sophie and when she turned him down he went for Jess.

Leanne got angry at Mike for this. Then came the surprise recouping. Leanne sent home

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Do you blame Mike for sending her packing tonight, after all Leanne wasn’t nice Mike.

We can’t believe this sweet love over! 




Mike Dumps Leanne


What do think about Mike sending Leanne home tonight? Is this what some call payback time, revenge is sweet or…


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