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Love Island 2020 Last Week Recap

Love Island 2020 Last Week Recap



So, it’s all fun with the Islanders giving viewers more exciting, but mixed feelings with recoupling, couples get more close.

The sudden new arrivals, shocking revelations about their emotions, others breaking up and more crazy moments in the villa.

Here is a recap of what you missed from Monday to Friday.


Monday episode eight, had beautiful scenes and surprising moments from the Villa.

Mike and Leanne who happens to be the strongest couple in this series went on a first date and both had a fantastic time with each other.

They had a chitchat concerning how they both feel and looking forward to emerge as the right couple.

Leanne gave mike a smooth massage and a whole mode of a lap dance challenge among the contestants.

Shockingly, as the girls thought everything was done, a new girl named Rebecca joined the villa in a lap dance with Connor and Callum.

This has left the girls devastated since, its believed she might win the heart of any of the guys who are already coupled up with them.

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Tuesday episode nine, as a preview for Wednesday night’s episode, Mike revealed he was in doubt about his relationship  with Leanne when he was asked by Connagh Howard.

This has really put fans in fear.

He confessed he wasn’t really faithful with his connection with Leanne and also seen confronting Shaughna about her accusations that he was the villa’s prime “game player”

Mike later took Leanne aside and spoke to her about how he was feeling.

He told her he doesn’t know if he was doing the right thing because he wasn’t the feeling that Leanne was into him enough.



Leanne answered by saying things were going too fast and that, they should slow down things. They gave each other a high five. 🤔


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On Wednesday which was the tenth day, Rebecca continued to create a mark on love island.

She engaged every guy in a chat so she could make a choice.

Everything seemed so obvious she was in the game to upset the ladies after flirting with Callum, Finley and Connagh in the villa.

During her conversation with Connagh, Siannise who had been sort of flirting with Connagh for some days felt the two were getting on well along the chat,

was seen bombed into Rebecca and Connagh to interrupt their chat with questions about marriage and kids just to have him back.

However, things didn’t end up as Siannise planned. The night ended with Connagh kissing Rebecca and Shaughna receiving good news from Callum as he decided to stick to her.


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Thursday was when two new guys entered the villa. The ladies received a text that confirmed two guys, Luke T and Luke M were joining the villa.

Immediately the guys entered, the old guys looked unhappy whilst the ladies looked interested.

Unexpectedly, Paige began yelling at Finely that he gives her less attention in the presence of the Lukes.

it was the same night the new guys had their first dates with Siannise and Jess as suggested by the public.

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Friday, one of the new guys clashes with mike as he asks Leanne on a date. Luke T who went on his first date with Siannise, decided to ask Leanne out on another date after receiving a text to choose a girl for a date.

He left Mike unimpressed as he took some shots with Leanne. On the other hand, the ladies were asked to choose from the guys who they’d like to coupled up with, meaning by hook or crook, one of the guys would be dumped from the villa.

It ended with Siannise choosing Nas over Connagh.


Mike and Leanne have decided to start their relationship on a slow pace this time, but the actions Leanne is putting up is creating the impression that she’s not really into mike as he is.

Most fans took to their social media pages to express how unhappy they with the Leanne looks is treating Mike.. Looks like she is either being cautious or just not into Mike anymore…  hmmmmmm 🤔


We can’t for next week’s Episode ! Who is your favourite and why?


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