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2020 Election: John Dumelo Lost NDC Parliamentary Election To NPP Lydia Alhassan

2020 Election: John Dumelo Lost NDC Parliamentary Election To NPP Lydia Alhassan

Ghanaian famous actor and politician, John Dumelo who contested on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency  has lost to the incumbent candidate, Lydia Alhassan.

Lydia Alhassan won the seat in 2019 through a bye-election following the death of her husband, Emmanuel Boakye Agyarko who was representing the constituency in parliament until his demise.


John Dumelo declared his political ambitions to the Ghanaian public and began with his support to the various communities under the constituency.

For 2020 being an election year with a lot of uncertainties like the global battle against the deadly coronavirus, the actor used the opportunity to gain massive public attention on his political goals and the constituency to be contested for.


John Dumelo was spotted on camera countless times making donations to the aged, deprived and most importantly the youth in the midst of the virus.

He’s known for giving back to the community through his foundation  ‘The John Dumelo Foundation’.

Some of his charitable works includes effective water supply through building of a borehole, supporting the needy in education, organising communal labours, employing many youth and many more in that constituency.

Unfortunately for him, despite all the effort he put in through his campaign he lost to Lydia Alhassan who is retaining her seat in parliament.

However, looking at the gap, it’s obvious that even though it was the actors first time, many of the electorates for that constituency genuinely wanted change, making John Dumelo pulling 37,778 and becoming second after Hon. Lydia Alhassan’s 39,851 out of the total votes cast.

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Mrs Alhassan has stated that, they voted for her to continue her good works because in less than 2 years of her service to the constituency the electorates of the constituency have appreciated her great works. She emphasised that her victory was a mandate renewal.

Aside the presidential elections, the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency contested by the actor was the second major results Ghanaians couldn’t wait for due to the extraordinary effort the actor invested in in the constituency before his campaign.

A picture of a letter from the actor has been issued to the electoral commission stating that, the actor is demanding for a recount due to anomalies regarding his figures at some polling stations.

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While many Ghanaians are trolling the actor on social media, others are also applauding the actor for his achievement as a first-time contestant in the Ghanaian general elections and giving him hopes for next four years.

We believe strongly that John Dumelo will be back!

Photo credit: John Dumelo

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