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Africans In China: Coronavirus Discrimination..

Africans In China: Coronavirus Discrimination..

Over the years, China and Africa have remained in great alliance politically and economically.

As a result of the association between them, both parties have benefitted from its partnership through  education, trade and many more.

However, this Covid-19 pandemic which officially surfaced in Wuhan, China and spread through more than 160 countries worldwide has created a lot of controversies and pain for lots of innocent Africans in China.

China, had the highest recording cases during the early days of this virus and has now reportedly able to manage the situation and work around it through their total lockdowns.

The actual number of deaths in China to date is still subject of dispute all over the world. This is because of the China  ‘cover-up’ after the vIrus was discovered Wuhan.

Trump and others have also publicly

For days now, the world has seen some inhuman videos on social media showing how some Chinese are treating Africans in China.

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This is because they say black people brought Covid-19 when they know very well that’s now true.

This a typical case of ‘When an elder falls down they blame the walking stick’ African Proverb

It has been reported and supported with numerous videos that students and other African residents in that city were compelled to evacuate their apartments and go through a force quarantine whether been tested positive or not.

Xenophobia in Guangzhou is very high

The viral video and pictures ignited a rage of comments lashing back at Chinese citizens for doing that despite the detection of the virus first, in their country and the relationship between china and Africa.

African leaders including south African president, Ghana foreign ministry and more have expressed their deepest concerns regarding the appalling condition of Africans in China.

They have confronted the Chinese officials and requested for immediate effect to safeguard the legal rights of the Africans in such situation.

The questions most Africans are asking are:

  • Why are Chinese people roaming about freely in African Countries, even doing business as usual with no consequences for the actions of their treatment to African Nationals in China.


  • Others are questioning why they are trying to put the blame on Africa when they know very well Coronavirus and other associated deadly diseases exist in China for years. 


  • Some believe Africa in general should take a very close look at their business relationship with China.


  • Why has abuse of Africans by some Chinese that started before Covid-19 allowed to continue for years.


  • Chinese people  in Africa also not forced into quarantine, deprived from shops and restaurants 


  • Why are Chinese people also not being evicted  from their homes in Africa


  • Majority of Africans are questioning why Chinese people across African own lands whilst African Can’t own apartment in china


No one is against any country trying to control the current pandemic, however, blaming Africans is no way to treat so  called business partner. 

Many Africans are very upset and want African leaders to rise up and protect their citizens.


Some believe China is only interested in African Resources and nothing else. This treatment of Africans has open up so many talking  about the Chinese footprint in Africa.

People are now questioning most of the actions by Chinese in Africa, why are they bringing their people to from China to African to take over the jobs that they are creating in Africa?


‘Africans are giving equal treatment given to all foreigners’ Whilst the videos the world sees tells a different story.

The Chinese officials also denied the claims about the blacks’ maltreatment. 

The above reminds that world of a plague in Cape Coast Castle in Ghana Which reads

‘…May humanity never again perpetrate such injustice against humanity..”

Cape Coast Castle -


We hope African Leader will rise up and save their citizens from the lies, accusations, injustice perpetuated against them in China.

We hope those blaming African for what the world originated from China will read some of the news out there and solve the problems and stop abusing innocent Africans

The injustice against Africans in China Must STOP! The fact that their officials are denying that they discriminating against Africans goes to show they don’t see anything wrong with the abuse of Africans.

African leaders must rise up and save their citizens.


Africans in China – Photo Credit BBC






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