Congratulations are in order! Denzel Washington has finally won his 1st SAG Award for his outstanding performance in the movie ‘FENCES’.

“I’m a God-fearing man, I’m supposed to have faith, but I didn’t have faith…. “I’m getting choked up!” ~ Denzel Washington

“I’m a God-fearing man. I’m suppose to have faith, but I didn’t have faith, God bless you all and all the other actors. I said ‘you know that young boy is going to win, Denzel, you ain’t gonna win’ so I didn’t even prepare, but I am prepared!”….One last thing, to–Viola Davis!” ~ Denzel Washington

The film was directed by Denzel Washington who was the male lead actor and starred along side award-winning actress Viola Davis.

The movie Fences is a story about Troy Maxson, a sanitation worker whose dream was to become a baseball player…his lost dream of glory causes him to make decisions that almost tears his family apart…

Photo credit: montblanc/Fences

What’s your Favourite Denzel Washington movies

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