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Beyond The Return – The Diaspora Dividend…

Beyond The Return – The Diaspora Dividend…


“Beyond the year of return”, “The Diaspora Dividend”, is an initiative, by the government of Ghana.

The president of Ghana took to his social media page to announce that he’s got more lucrative plans ahead of the year of return since it’s about to end as 2019 also ends soon.

The year of return had a lot of events organized and many visitors including stars from the diasporas such as, Steve Harvey, Rick Ross, Ludicrous, June Sarpong


Micheal Jal White, Dijon Hounsou, Anthon Anderson, Tarrus Rilley, Ebro Darden, Morgan Heritage and Idris Elba, visiting the African continent in their numbers.

The year of return has been very successful  and boosted the Ghanaian economy a lot.

Never in the history of Ghana has been such flood of visitors seeking their roots and also wanting to know more about their ancestors and where their journeys original began.

It has been an exciting and fun moments for the celebrities for their stay in Africa especially those who visited Ghana.

On Friday 27th December 2019, a short ceremony was held at Kempinski hotel in Accra where Nana Akuffo- Addo officially inaugurated the post

“Year of Return” initiative dubbed “Beyond the Year of Return”, “The Diaspora Dividend”.

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He explained that, this idea is to positively help all individuals from a black background and Africans to participate in activities in the trading and investments sectors, new skills and knowledge acquisition for development.

Furthermore, Nana Akufo-Addo stated that,

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‘The Beyond Year of Return initiative will bring together Africans, help Africa with technological advancement,

recognition of Blacks worldwide through a strong bond between all stakeholders in order to strengthen blacks, which Ghana will serve as the center.’

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Therefore, he encourages African Americans to change the story solely on diseases, hunger, poverty and illegal migration of the masses immediately Africa comes to mind.

This will help erase the racist belief yielding to building of new nations of optimism and in

novation, making the dream of Africa a reality.

Photo Credit: The Presidency, Republic of Ghana| President Nana Akufo-Addo 

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