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Dani Draco builds momentum for debut EP with new single ‘Trigger’

Dani Draco builds momentum for debut EP with new single ‘Trigger’

Dani Draco builds momentum for the release of his highly-anticipated debut EP on new lead single ‘Trigger’. ‘Trigger’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally

Having dropped the hits ‘Trouble’ and ‘Sad Boy Flow’, as well as the collaborative song ‘Paradise’ alongside fellow Labadi Music affiliate, $pacely, Draco is looking to continue his ascent to the top of the Alté scene with his unnamed maiden project.

Tied with sweeping distinctive flows that tirelessly float from start to finish thanks to an engrossing hook, Draco swoops in charged, ready to domineer the reposeful Alté production in much comfort.

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He seemingly flaunts his gangsta side in beguiling intonations, giving fans a dose of his timeless ardor, one rife with good vibes.

The multi-talented artist and producer had a tough start to the year, undergoing surgery to correct an underlying health issue. During his recovery, he signed to Tenacious Projects, an ambitious talent management agency looking to uncover and guide the biggest talents in Africa.

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‘Trigger’ was written and produced by Draco and will be the first release from him in anticipation to his debut EP, giving fans a brief taste of what’s to come.

Check out Trigger here

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