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Hello July: Happy New Month July

Hello July: Happy New Month July

Today, the world unfolds a new month, July which is the seventh month of the modern calendar.

The name July was inspired by former roman dictator Julius Ceaser who was born in the month of July. it also begins the second half of the year comprising of 30 days in it.  

Nonetheless before the modern-day calendar, it was known as Quintilis in the ancient Roman calendar. Usually, it feels warm in some parts of the world whiles others feel cold in July.

July symbolizes happiness, love passion, devotion and a bit of authority.  July babies are perceived to be happy people and somehow authoritative.

The traditional birthstone of July is known as “Ruby” with the colour red representing love, victory, passion and often used for wedding ceremonies. Zodiac sign attributed to the month of July is Cancer and Leo.

The floral representation of July is larkspur and water lilies. With colourful species of the larkspur, it graces every garden and water lilies are recognized by its uniquely-shaped leaves and open bloom which is very charming.

The flowers represent renewal and hopefulness.  The colour representation includes, green, yellow and silver which symbolize fresh growth and strength.

A number of national holidays and observation are made in July. Among the celebrations include, world environment day on 5th July, World Chocolate Day on 7th July, Ghana’s observation of its republic day on 1st July.

America celebrates its Independence Day on 4th July, Independence Day for Liberia and Maldives on 26th and several other celebrations.

Let’s embrace July, a month of strength, healthy life and full of joy. Wishing all and sundry a happy new month!


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