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Eddie Kumako Kicks Off 2020 With New Song ‘Number’

Eddie Kumako Kicks Off 2020 With New Song ‘Number’

Eddie Kumako – Number (Prod. by Prezdoe)

Right in time for his birthday, Eddie Kumako debuts 2020 with a very sweet piece.

Produced by Prezdoe, ‘Number’ is a very soothing love song about one special girl who’s style Eddie can’t have enough of

He wants to keep in touch because he’s love-struck and needs her number to get something going.

Being both the head and creative/video director of C-Links, Eddie Kumako plans to kick-start his ”Music is Life” campaign in 2020 to help support and encourage upcoming talents.



He wants to keep their spirits up and needs them to be super focused on their career in order to build fan bases through grassroots at a communal, district, regional, or even an international level.


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Eddie strongly believes he could help aspiring musicians nurture an organic fan base which is integral for being a successful artist.

Kindly, share Eddie Kumako’s ‘Number’ and go get that special girl’s number after you’re done bumping to it.

Happy birthday Eddie!

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