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Charles Ofori Antipem: Dext Technology Limited

Charles Ofori Antipem: Dext Technology Limited

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Charles Ofori Antipem is a young Ghanaian serial inventor and Co – of DEXT Technology Limited located in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Charles was brought up from a family where science reigned. His father was a science teacher.

Growing up, his dad was always on him to learn more, especially, science related stuffs despite the unavailability of internet.

At age seven, Charles discovered a library that was mostly talked about by some of his brilliant colleagues.

It was at the library that he found books about great inventors of the world including the Wright brothers, Nokola Tesla, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

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Whiles reading about these inventors, he began to gain more interest in the world of science. According to him,

reading about these master inventors created the impression in his mind that he can also create something.


His father, who had a rain gauge always made him measure rainfall anytime it rains and this ignited his love for experiment and data collection particularly in the field of science.

Charles who was inspired by his dad and the likes of the inventors as he read more at the library about them began excelling in school…

Charles Ofori Antipem and his friend Asante-Afrifa founded DEXT Technology Limited located in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

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The two, decided to help make learning of science practically and a reality for students in Africa and worldwide. Barely two years ago they became co-founders of DEXT Technology, a production company of the Science Set in Kumasi, Ghana.

Currently almost 20,000 students in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Germany, and the United States conduct experiments in schools with the Science Set (DEXT Technology)…

Credit: Charles Ofori Antipem| Ghana News

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