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WhatsApp Hack: How To UpDate Your Phones

WhatsApp Hack: How To UpDate Your Phones

WhatsApp Advices Users To Update App Due To Discovering Spyware Vulnerability

Millions of Whatsapp Users have been advised to  refresh and update their WhatsApp smartphone apps prompto due to a bug that allows hackers to take over your phone by simply calling it. The scary thing is, you don’t have to answer for them to get access to you

Use the steps below to update (Depending on they type of phone)

How To  Update WhatsApp To The Latest Version 


  • Open the App Store
  • Check under ‘Update’ if is showing just click up date if not, type in ‘Whatapp then ‘Update
  • You need to use the latest version of WhatsApp  which on iOS is 2.19.51 ( See our example below from when we updated our phone)



  • To to Google Play store and open
  • Click My Apps & Games
  • Should be automatically showing as updated, is not just click to install the latest version


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