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WhatsApp Switches on Encryption…

WhatsApp Switches on Encryption…

WhatsApp Switches on end-to-end encryption for one billion users. The encryption method will allow users to see content that has been sent but not the providers, such as WhatsApp… to access the content of the messages…

This means moving forward, only the sender and receiver can read message contents. According to reports, text messages were encrypted in 2014. with the exception of few messages such as photos, videos…

”WhatsApp is using encryption software built by Open Whisper Systems, as such WhatsApp won’t be able to read its customers’ messages under any circumstances, a feature known as “end-to-end” encryption. That will make it more difficult for anyone—including criminals, intelligence agencies and law enforcement—to read WhatsApp messages without permission, ”Moxie Marlinspike, (Founder of Open Whisper Systems)



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Source: Wired

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