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Emerging Ghanaian Women in Tissue

Emerging Ghanaian Women in Tissue

Meet Miss Gifty Tetteh, the first female to graduate top of her Biomedical Engineering class as well as the entire Faculty of Engineering, with an exceptional GPA. Before pursuing her PhD, Gifty worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Ghana where she obtained her undergraduate degree. She later gained admission at the University of Sheffield to pursue her research. Gifty Tetteh is currently pursuing a PhD in Engineering Materials, with focus on Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at the University of Sheffield. gifty tetteh“I am studying how tissue-engineered bones grow around orthopaedic implants by designing a biomimetic test system that can be used to test these implants. Field trips from my third year at the University of Ghana, and during my national service sparked my interest in Orthopaedics. My love of courses such as Biomaterials, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Tissue Engineering also made my decision easier.“ says Gifty.
It is exciting to know that Ghanaian women are getting involved, and realizing that the full potential of their careers will be beneficial for the development of Biomedical and Tissue Engineering from our side of the world.

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