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Fashion Trends: How to Look Thinner Using Fashion

Fashion Trends: How to Look Thinner Using Fashion

Finding the right outfit can be a nightmare! Clothes that are too big will make you look bigger than your actual size,  whilst on the other hand, clothes that are tight or small will expose your ‘FLAWS’ Let’s be honest almost everyone is feel conscious about their weight.



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Look Thinner Using Fashion
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Always try to wear outfits that flatter your physique or body type. It can be tricky buying clothes using the size labels. I can easily fit into size 14 from Zara or Karen Millen. However when l buy clothes from  House of Fraser, Next or other outlets l can easily fit into size 12.

Some colours can make you look thinner. Colours such as black colours or dark colours, you can also combine with other bright colours. I turn to wear black from hair to toe whenever l out on weight (this makes me look slimmer) once again depends on your figure.

Look Thinner Using Fashion




Funny enough some bright colours such as  red, green, yellow… can also make you look slimmer More Fashion Styles

Look Thinner Using Fashion




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I love experimenting with different shades and most of my friends keep complimenting me on how  thinner l look…Monochromatic dressing is my favourite, it makes me look slimmer elegant, sexy and taller!

Look Thinner Using Fashion

The trick is simple: Right outfit, perfect colour, shoes, lipstick, tie, hair style always does the trick…More Fashion Styles


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