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Hamamat Montia – Celebrities Who Give Back

Hamamat Montia – Celebrities Who Give Back

Today’s WCW is Hamamat Montia is a Ghanaian melanin beauty queen, a model and entrepreneur who hails from Bolgatanga in the Northern part of Ghana.

She is purely a brand influencer of African products. The model has promoted the African culture in diverse ways of which has projected Africa especially Ghana, across the globe.

She is a natural queen and her style of promoting and staying true to the African culture as well as the locally made products in the Ghanaian society and Africa as a whole has earned her the respect as a truly African queen.

She’s one of the people who inspires the world when we talk about being natural and appreciating our root.

Growing up, she had the exciting memories which comes with living with the extended family where there’s a sense of belonging, in the Northern region of Ghana before relocating to the capital of Ghana, Accra.

She continued with her basic education in Accra then her secondary education at the Wesley Girls’ senior high in Cape Coast, Central Region of Ghana.

As passionate about the African heritage, she decided to showcase the African values through a beauty pageant to the world.

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Therefore, following her secondary education, she auditioned for the third edition of Miss Malaika Ghana, a Ghanaian beauty pageant reality show, passed the audition process and won the pageant in 2006.

The following year she was selected as the Model of Africa Universe. That was her breakthrough into the limelight. She gained exposure in Ghana, Africa and the world at large.

Her exposure gave her platforms she could educate people about being true to their tradition and making the best out of their natural resources.

Engaging in their usual domestic activities and local production of shea butter in the village in the northern region, she took a video and posted it on the internet.

The video she recorded obtained maximum attention of the public such that, people all over began purchasing shea butter from her.

Along the line, she invested in the business and started the Hamamat African Beauty where she sells locally Ghanaian made cosmetics.

The cosmetics is made up of handmade raw shea butter in the village branded in different package. her natural and African products include, the Golden Shea Butter, Safari Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, African Black Soap, Shea Butter Soap and Tongo Body Scrub.


Gradually, she expanded the business and opened the Hamamat African Village which is widely loved by people.

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People from all walks of life troop in to her village and visit the Hamamat African Village comprises of a health and wellness centre, spa services and relaxation.

People undergo relaxation with naturally African treatment at the Village. She also owns a shop of handmade baskets, local fabrics and handmade bags. She is creative and wears the African fabrics designed beautifully in the African way.

In addition to the above, Hamamat started her book reading project inspired by her kids. According to the model, her kids one day told her they wished they were beautiful as Cinderella which made her decide to write something about Children African beauty role models.

She named her book after her daughters, Zuri and Sasari to tell a story that will inspire the African child they’re beautiful the way they are. 

Hamamat is indeed a true African contributing to the celebrating of the rich African Culture and and giving back to the society.

Check out her products @hamamatafricanbeauty (Instagram)



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