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Ghana Passport: New Online Passport Application Service Launched

Ghana Passport: New Online Passport Application Service Launched

Ghana Passport Application‎ – On Tuesday,  December 20th 2016, the Foreign Affairs Minister, Hannah Tetteh, said the New Online Passport Application Ghanaian passports ‘will start rolling out in the first half of 2017’

Hannah Tetteh assured the Ghanaian public that they are aiming for a maximum of 15 working days for a standard application and a maximum of 5 working days for express.

She also added that ”In due course it is anticipated that the ministry would introduce a premium 24 hour passport delivery service.”… We hope that as the public comes more comfortable with the whole idea of applying for the passport online.’
The Foreign Affairs Minister, Hannah Tetteh hopes the new online system will see few people buying passport forms, because the whole point of going on through the online application is to reduce the use of the printed passport application forms and get people to use the the new online online system. The new system will also address the issue of typographical errors which slows the current the process down.
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Further more, there will be a massive reduction of  the number of people who go the the passport office, because from 2017 applying for new Ghanaian passport will be by appointment only.
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Currently, applying for a new Ghanaian passport can take up to a month and n some cases over a month. The new online passport application system which will be available within the first half of 2017 will reduce the days by more than 2 weeks.

 The Foreign Affairs Minister, Hannah Tetteh has confidence that the Ghanaian media will help educate the ”public on the new process for the acquisition of passports in Ghana and we hope that the Ghanaian public will take advantage of it so that they can reduce the need to engage third parties ‘middlemen’ to the barest minimum.”

She observed middlemen still play a role as there are some people who are not comfortable to fill the forms by themselves “maybe because they have challenges with understanding what is required of them or their literacy levels are low.”

“Whatever, it is there has been a demand for the services of  and that is why they have been present as part of the process,” adding the Ministries aims to put in place a system which would reduce to the barest minimum the intervention of third parties.

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