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Global News: Kim Jong Un

Global News: Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un Allegedly In A Serious Health Condition After A Heart Surgery.


North Korea’s young supreme leader, Kim Jong Un is reported to be in a critical situation after undergoing a heart surgery.

Reports have indicated that, Kim Jong Un has been off the scenes of North Korean official meetings and events after he was seen overseeing a meeting with his leaders discussing preventive measures of coronavirus.

Again, Kim’s absence on a North Korea’s national holiday which was celebrated in remembrance of Kim’s grandfather, Kim II- Sung on April 15,2020, intensified rumours surrounding his health condition and the fear of coronavirus pandemic.


CNN reported that, Intelligence from North Korea reveals that, the politician was in “grave danger”.

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Nonetheless, government officials of North Korea have rejected the claims that Kim Jong Un was seriously ill.

Even though nothing about the rulers health condition has been disclosed yet by the officials, the world keeps probing about the the where Kim Jong Un’s where about…

This has prompted South Korea to caution people on  rumours that Kim Jong Un is dead…

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