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Happy 15th Years Wedding Anniversary To Van Vicker And Adjoa Vicker

Happy 15th Years Wedding Anniversary To Van Vicker And Adjoa Vicker

Celebrity Role Model Couples We Love: Congratulations are in order!

Award winning Actor, Film maker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, UNHCR AMB Tourism AMB-Gh Van Vicker and his wife of 15 years Adjoa Vicker began their happy marriage in 2003 and have since been one of the role model couples we love! 

Celebrities usually become popular for the roles they play, how they look on-screen, at events/shows and this makes them easy targets for groupies Blush!  Celebs have an extra responsibility to maintain their fans, this can be difficult for of them.
However, not all Celebs fall for that. We are always very proud and happy about the likes of Van Vicker who are setting good examples.
One is constantly reading about celebrities relationships, splits, fights, break ups etc in the media for the wrong reason, however, not all celebrity couples are destined to break up.
In fact, quite a number of Celebs are happily married to their longtime partner, one of them is  Van Vicker
Their happy marriage has resulted in 3 beautiful children. We wish them God’s blessings, Success, Happiness and many many more years to come!

Van Vicker ‘s first  movie was Divine Love, He has starred in lots of  movies  including  Mummy’s Daughter, Friday Night.

The President’s Daughter, Harvest of Love, In The Eyes of My Husband, and Corporate Maid…..

He  has received two nominations for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Upcoming Actor at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2008….

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