serey-die-cryingFor those who watched Colombia vs. Ivory Coast match, we noticed player number 20 from crying had an unusually high emotional response when the Ivoirien national anthem rang through the stadium in Brasilia. A notice went out that Serey Die had heard that his father had died two hours before the match which has is untrue.  Serey was just overwhelmed by being in Brazil and actually playing for his beloved Côte d’Ivoire. He cleared the air on his Instagram account.

“Hi, I just wanted to tell you that everything they’re saying about my dad’s passing is false my dad passed away in 2004. It was just the emotions of pride to be from Ivory Coast and serve my country that made me cry because I never thought to be at this level. I’m sorry for my mistake, I know that I’ve let you down but I will come back. May God bless you”

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