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K.Michelle confirms 8 month relationship with Idris Elba

K.Michelle confirms 8 month relationship with Idris Elba

k michelleK. Michelle was on Wendy Williams show tells us about her new album, Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? And her 8-month relationship with Idris Elba and why she broke up with Idris Elba.

K. Michelle  told Wendy  “I met him at the Soul Train Awards and we just clicked,” 

K. Michelle admits that the album was about her relationship with actor Idris Elba. She says when he heard the album, he was pleased.  ” I sent him the records before they came out,”…“He said ‘This is art. I hate we at this place but this is art.’

she said she broke up with Idris because “There was a situation. He has a child and I’m not going to get in the way of that. Y’all not gonna call me the home wrecker, call me any of that,” ..”Me, I desire a lot of attention and time and when there’s a newborn, you have to give your time and attention … K. Michelle also said  

“Through it all, he has remained a gentleman,” 

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