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Stop abuse of maids: Kenyan Maid Burnt by Boss Finally Loses Battle…

Stop abuse of maids: Kenyan Maid Burnt by Boss Finally Loses Battle…

Mary Kibawana Kamajo, the Kenyan maid who was was set ablaze in April by her heartless Lebanese employer and left to die has finally lost her 3-month battle to stay alive last week Friday, (July 29, 2016)

According to reports, the Kenyan immigrant was working  in Lebanon as a house maid,  when the sad incident happened.

It is believed that, the family that Mary Kibawana was staying with were allegedly abusing her one a daily basis. She said there were beating her for petty petty incidents, as if that was not enough she had to work from 6 am till almost midnight. They confiscated her passport and phone…

Why would another human being choose to inflict such pain on another person ? Mary Kibawana was trying to earn a living to take care of her 4 children. Not acceptable on all levels what happened to her. 

As if that was not enough  employer attacked her with fire, for whatever reason no one knows, it doesn’t matter Mary Kibawana did. Anyone should not set a human being on fire. We hope  her family/children get justince for her.

Even after sustaining  third-degree burns which covered about 47 percent of her body the boss refused to take her to the hospital a neighbour was the one who had to rescue her.
ABUSIVE BOSS African Celebs
Zambian Observer reported that”
”Kamajo was in a hospital in Lebanon for at least six weeks, and in that time she says her employer refused to inform her family back in Kenya about her ordeal; he also denied her access to a phone so that she could not directly contact her family members.
I would cry every day, begging the doctors and the nurses to send me home but nobody listened. I begged to be allowed to speak to the Kenyan embassy but the people in the hospital ignored me,.”

It was a bit too late for Mary Kibawana when she finally  returned to Kenya. After spending few days the Kenyatta National Hospital for intensive care where  Kenyan medical personnel did their best to safe her she sadly passed away on July 29, 2016

Our prayers and thoughts go out to her family expecially her four children

When is this abuse from employers going to stop? This must stop! Please if you’re a maid or nanny and your boss is abusing you is not worth you staying them.  Leave before they kill you.

*Out of respect for Mary we have decided NOT to show her actual picture the above photo is NOT Mary Kibawana Kamajo.*


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