The stunning Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and gorgeous Ghanaian Actress, took to her Instagram page with the post below:

”No matter how many fucked up people I meet in my life, I will always have a good heart. No one will ever change that… ~Juliet Ibrahim


Photo credit: Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim is one woman who has gone through several heartbreaks in her life and relationships. She was hit by a divorce some years after she got married to the current Chief Executive Officer of Kantanka.

After years of being single, she fell in love with Iceberg Slim and flaunted him the least opportunity she got. But the relationship did not last the test of time.

The above post on her challenges as a woman, indicates that she will continue to have a good heart regardless of the fact that she does not meet good people in her life.

Life sucks sometimes! Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

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Photo credit: Juliet Ibrahim Ayeh/2018

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