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Meet Three Young Kenyans Getting Rich Off Classified Ads

Meet Three Young Kenyans Getting Rich Off Classified Ads

Piero Muguna Mbaabu, Joshua Mutua Nzuki and Kelvin Githuka Kihiu, founders of KejaHuntAfter graduating from a Kenyan university in August, classmates Piero Muguna Mbaabu 23, Kelvin Githuka Kihiu 23 and Joshua Mutua Nzuki 22 couldn’t find reasonably priced rental homes in Nairobi. Apart from the time and cost involved in house hunting, the trio found that online property classified ads catered only to high-end clientele. So they founded KejaHunt, a Nairobi-based company that lists classified ads for rental apartments with rents starting as low as $62 per month. Keja is slang in Swahili for “house” and is derived from the word for “cage.” More Africans are accessing the Internet today than ever. Entrepreneurs in turn are developing applications targeting users — most of them, youth

Well done guys!

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