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Missy Elliot Returns To Entertainment Industry

Missy Elliot Returns To Entertainment Industry

Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot Is Back With ‘Throw It Back’ 

Renowned American rapper, Missy Elliot went silent for not less than 14 years in the music industry, however, she recently took to Hollywood to showcase another talent she’s got under her sleeves.

Despite having a successful career in Hollywood, the energetic woman announced her return to the music industry with the release of a new album, titled, Iconology.

The Grammy Award winner teamed up with her childhood friend, Timbaland and Will Hendrix to co-produce a new project that marked her terrific return to the music industry.


The Virginia born African-American is the only child of her parents, she was only 4. She was regarded as the class clown because she had little interest in school work. Soon, poverty took a toll on her progress.

As a brave young lady that believed in her potentials, she formed an R&B group, called Fayze, along with her friends and classmates Coleman, Chonita, Radiah Scott and La’Shawn Shellman with her neighborhood friend, Timbaland…

The group started recording demo tracks that soon gained the attention of one of the top producers in the country, DeVante Swing who later renamed the group Sista.

Elliot knew she had it in her and decided to record her debut album, Supa Dupa Fly with Timbaland as her producer. The album gave the resolute singer the all needed fame to succeed in the music industry.


Her debut album which featured touches of creativity, style and glamour ultimately earned a nomination for the Best Rap Album at the 1998 Grammy Award.

In addition, she also broke into the music industry in grand style and went on to release six hit albums between 1998 and 2005. Her last album,

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Missy has been absence from the music industry from around 2011. She is ready to bring back the lost creativity to the music industry. 

And now, Elliot has released a five-track album with her old pal, Timbaland. Iconology featured Throw it Back, Cool Off, DripDemeanor, Why I Still Love You and Why I Still Love You (Acapella).

She sure deserves an iconic comeback and has given herself one. 

Missy Elliot
Photo credit: Missy Elliot (Instagram)

Photo Credit: Missy Elliot (Instagram)

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