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Niro Walker amps up productive streak with debut album ‘Focus’

Niro Walker amps up productive streak with debut album ‘Focus’

Sometimes you’ve got to lose some to win some and that’s the crux of Niro Walter’s debut album, ‘’Focus’’. Packing 13 songs and no feature in sight, Niro together with his producers of choice; Ksmithmajik, Limber, David Acekeyz and Supa Gaeta, put in the work to deliver a balanced album worth your time.

The idea of releasing a 13-track album with no feature may come off as bizarre to many, but after a few songs in, it becomes pretty clear ‘’Focus’’ is no pushover.

Niro simply knows what he’s about, as evident in his throaty voice, charisma and storytelling approach; which when paired with the record’s production ethos is bound to get music enthusiasts hooked.

‘Prayer Answer’ sets the album in motion, embracing Niro’s textured voice from onset. His style and attitude go a long way on this one, unraveling a message akin to its title. ‘Link Up’ then swoops in, boasting an upbeat and party-ready production.

It’s riddled with some sultry innuendos and ad libs sure to let you in on its infamous theme before ‘Wahala’ takes over.

The latter picks in on the former’s tempo, but in ‘’see me see wahala’’ style amid a banging hook. It’s a lengthy roaster from there, with ‘Drama’, ‘Money on My Mind’, ‘Gobe’, ‘SBBG’, ‘Corporation’, ‘Chilling’, ‘Faya’, ‘Marry You’, ‘God Bless’ and finally ‘Gbese’ rolling in to contend for your attention.

Born Osareniro Osamudiamen Walter, Niro Walter is an Afrobeat singer and songwriter who hails from Edo State, Nigeria.

Having been active in the music scene since 2019, the burgeoning act found ground with two official singles; ‘Blessings Follow You’ and ‘No Giving Up’. Niro would go on to release his first ever EP ‘’Wealth of Tears’’ a year later, paving the way for his now debut album, ‘’Focus’’.

His gift to deliver a soothing feel, as well as inspire people through music is paramount to Niro’s philosophy and one he prides himself in.

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Niro Walter hits the right notes in the nicest of ways and with an array of 13 songs to muster, ‘’Focus’’ may not be for everyone, but has something for everyone.

Yes, a few guest appearances would’ve been welcome, but with a theme tailored to his goals, ‘’Focus’’ still rocks enough charm to sell Niro’s frame of mind in a very familiar way.


‘’Focus’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

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