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Obama Heading to Kenya for Entrepreneurship Summit

Obama Heading to Kenya for Entrepreneurship Summit

US President Barack Obama will become the first sitting American President to visit Kenya, come July. He will attend the first Global Entrepreneurship Summit to be held in sub-Saharan Africa between July 24 and 26 in Nairobi and will, according to the US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec, also hold bilateral talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“His visit will build on the success of the August 2014 US-Africa Leaders Summit and will continue our efforts to work with countries in sub-Saharan Africa to accelerate economic growth, strengthen democratic institutions and improve security,” Godec explained.

The announcement of President Obama’s visit to Kenya, the home country of his father Barack Obama Snr, has elicited mixed reactions with some holding the opinion that it’s long overdue while others see it as testament to Kenya’s strategic importance.

“His visit is welcome because it will show the world that Kenya is safe,” Edwin Ndwiga told Capital FM News.

It is yet unclear how long Obama will be in the country and whether he will visit with his grandmother Sarah Obama.

It will not be Obama’s first visit to Kenya as he first came to Kenya before joining Harvard to study law; a visit on which his first best-selling book ‘Dreams From My Father’ is based.

He returned as the Illinois Senator in 2006 together with his family and again visited his father’s home town and mother in Siaya.

A visit by President Obama also comes at a time when President Kenyatta’s government has called on the US and European nations to withdraw travel advisories against Kenya given the improved security situation.

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Credit:  Olive Burrows Nairobi


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