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Oprah on Ferguson and Eric Garner: Everything is a wake-up call

Oprah on Ferguson and Eric Garner: Everything is a wake-up call

Oprah WinfreyTalk show host and business tycoon Oprah Winfrey has publicly spoken for the first time about the recent protests following the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man Michael Brown and Eric Garner’s on camera death.

Oprah was at the New York premiere of Selma starring The Butler star David Oyewolo, she talked about the movie as well as the on-going protests regarding the recent  police shootings of black men Oprah Winfrey told

“Even if we didn’t know about a Ferguson, or an Eric Garner or a Michael Brown… they were going on,”

“The fact that they may have now become news-worthy or made national or international news, doesn’t mean there haven’t been nameless Michael Browns or Eric Garners before.”

 “My feeling is everything is always happening exactly as it should and on time,” Winfrey said. “There’s no coincidence that this is happening now, but because it’s happening now, people are paying more attention….

 “Life is always there to teach, enlighten, and open you up to the greater possibilities of what can be done… if you’re willing to be awake, and see it.”

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Shee added, “What’s exciting to me is that people are awake. If it took Eric Garner and it took Michael Brown and other instances to do that then… that’s where we are in our evolvement as human beings.”

Oprah added that the movie  Selma will …”What [Selma] offers is an opportunity for people, particularly young people, to see that the marches were built out of a strategy and an intention. And that the leadership required to develop strategy and intention is necessary when you really want to make true progress. And there is power in peace….

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