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Sasha Obama Graduates From High School

Sasha Obama Graduates From High School

Congratulations are in order!

We have not seen any official photos though.

Natasha Obama is the second daughter of the former president of the United States, Barrack Obama, and Michelle Obama.

She is popularly regarded as the “president’s daughter” probably for growing up under extreme protection.

Little can be said about Natasha’s life before the White House because she got to Pennsylvania Avenue at a very tender age.

The “president’s daughter”, as Barrack Obama fondly calls her. Sasha, along with her sister, went to the private University of Chicago Laboratory School, Ohio before moving to the White House.

Her undying interest in gymnastics, piano, and tennis cannot be overlooked.

Sasha took part in children sports activities during her time at the University of Chicago Laboratory School before her parent’s political career defined to her, a new life.

Photo Credit: Officialsashaobama (Instagram)

Have you ever seen a rich kid serving coffee at a cafeteria? If you think it is impossible, then I’d ask you to look closely at the life of the former president’s daughter.

Natasha has lots of surprises up her sleeves, and this is one of them. No doubt she could have had all she wanted without trying, but she preferred to earn every dollar with her sweat.

Giving back to the community

In 2016, at just 14, and still living in the White House. Sasha took a job as an attendant at Nancy’s, a seafood restaurant, a feat that cannot be matched by average Americans of her age.

Sasha recently graduated from the prestigious Sidwell Friends School with a deserving grade. Her educational career wouldn’t end at high school.

Rumor has it that the hardworking beauty with brains has been admitted to the University of Michigan to pursue the course of her dream.

Now she’s an adult, 18, but it remains a beautiful story to tell if one will have to narrate the transformation of the lovely lady from a 7-year old girl to a 15-year old lady as the United States president’s daughter.

The fame didn’t end at the end of her parent’s term in the oval office in 2017…


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