Botswana Gifts Its 2021 Tokyo Athletes With Houses

Exactly a week ago, was the climax of the internationally recognised athletics competitions, the Olympic games held in Tokyo, Japan, which saw many African representatives made their way through the impressive positions and bagging home medals in the various competitions.

Among the African teams include Kenya emerging as the African country that won most of the medals and the likes of Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Uganda, Tunisia, and Botswana. The teams have been given sparkling supports from their nationals and government officials.

In the case of the Botswana sportsmen, the government and its officials have awarded the athletics in kind and in cash. According to news reports, the team were welcomed by their government officials including, the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Culture Development in the person of Hon. Tumiso Rakgare upon their arrival at the national airport.

They were highly cheered for the great achievement at the just-ended Olympics. Aside the praise, in a welcome address, the team of athletes who represented the country in the 4x400metres race and won medals have been promised by the government to build two bedroom houses for each of the team members.

Adding to the houses, the government has awarded each participant with 50,000 Botswana pula equivalent to £3.200 and $4,500. The offer is to motivate the team as well as those aspiring to join the national athletics team. Also, the team will be having a dinner with their officials on Wednesday.

This has raised missed reactions on social media and while others have applauded the government, others have also reacted negatively.

See some of the reactions below:

“Shout out to the Botswana government for gifting their Olympics relay Bronze medal winners with a house each”.

“That’s it? Representing the country, raised the flag. and that’s all the get? This is the problem with Africa. It’s either we barely or don’t support our own at all”.

The team represented by Bayapo Ndori, Isaac Makwala, Baboloki Thebe and Zibane won the bronze medal for the country which was the only medal won by the Botswanas at the Olympics. The rest of the team members including Leungo scotch and Anthony Pasela were also gifted with houses.

In the history of the country regarding Olympics, the country has recorded two medals with its first won by legendary middle distance athlete for the 800metres race, Nijel Carlos Amilfitano Amos. He won a silver medal in men’s 800metres finals at the 2012 summer Olympics held in London. Other international awards the country has won include the gold medal at the 2018 commonwealth games held in Queensland, Australia, and 2019 African games in Rabat, Morocco.

even though it might not be great in the eyes of the public but these athletes gave their maximum best and everything earned is deserving. Congratulations to the people of Botswana and the athletic team. Kudos to the government as well.

Photo Credit: Isaac Makwala 

Andre De Grasse is the current Olympic 200m Champion. Congratulations are in order!

The man of the moment, Andre De Grasse grabs his first ever gold medal in the finals of the 200m race at the Tokyo Olympic games. The Canadian sprinter overtook world champions competitors like Kenny Bendnarek and Noah Lyles from the United States.

Andre De Grasse has won multiple bronze and silver medals. However, has never won the gold medal before. He made a landmark record in the history of 200 metres competition with a time of 19.62 seconds which is approximately 0.5 metres per second.

He has now been identified as the 8th fastest athlete in the entire history of 200 metres with his debut gold medal.


After his  historic global win, he addressed his family in joyous mood, promised them of a facetime call later and expressed his undying love for them. He also showed gratitude to God for the ground-breaking feat.

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During  his secondary school days,  the Canadian born Sprinter  was a basketball player, however, he later switched to other athletics competition such as  100 and 200 metres race.

His remarkable positions for athletics at his early age gave him enough reasons to train specifically for sprinter and develop his athletics flairs. He then began training Olympian Tony Sharpe’s The Speed Academy. In 2013, Andre De Grasse won three gold medals in the Canadian sports event held in Quebec.

Andre De Grasse latter gained admission at the university of Southern California. There he joined the junior athletics games season in 2015. He topped several competitions for 100 and 200 metres. His international recognition came after his breakthrough win at the NCAA Championships.

As part of giving back to the community, he founded the ‘Andre De Grasse family foundation in 2016 which he organizes the charity event, Andre De Grasse Holiday Classic Basketball Tournament annually to support his foundation. the foundation seeks to empower and inspire young adults through sporting activities.

Andre De Grasse is married to Nia Ali who is also an athlete. They couple are parents to two lovely kids.

Who is Andre De Grasse’s wife Nia Ali?

Nia Ali is a hurdler who has has won multiple gold and silver medals. Prior to her professional success, she won a gold medal in 2011 at the World University Games held in Shenzhen, China

She is notable for winning the gold medal for the 2014 World Indoor Championships and defended her gold medal in 2016 for the same tournament. 

Same year, at the latter part, she won the silver medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The United States became the first country to win the available medals in the season of Olympics sweeping the gold, silver, and bronze in the women’s 100m race. 

Nia Ali was also recognized as the first American woman to make such a successful sweep in 2016’s Olympic track and field event.

Tokyo Olympics: Simone Biles pulls out of all-around final

The Summer Olympics have been taking place in Tokyo in full swing. However, news related to the final round of individual women’s gymnastics has been in the spotlight. Highly famous American gymnast Simone Biles has bailed out of participating in the finale at the very last minute.

The all-around final was due on Thursday. She has made millions of fans ever since the Rio De Janeiro Games in 2016. And as much as people are disappointed by her sudden move, they have been rooting for her as well.

Simone Biles has set an example for all athletes and fans around the globe. She  stated mental health as the reason for retreating. She has emphasised how athletes need to withdraw once in a while due to declining mental health. Her statement, given on Tuesday night, cited the reason she was second-guessing herself, and she’d instead choose her health this time over the competition. She had made a courageous announcement.

Her decision withdraw from the finals has some people sympathising  with her whilst others have expressed their disappointment.

Although the team was a bit surprised, Jordan Chiles came in to express her support. She admired Biles for her courage and the devotion to gymnastics that had made the team come this far. USA Gymnastics have also applauded her decision. They stood by Biles, also dictating that additional medical examinations had been conducted.

Jonathan Owens, Simone’s boyfriend has taken to his Instagram to how his support with  the message below:

‘Imma ride with you through whatever baby ❤️ Your strength and courage is unmatched and you inspire me more and more everyday SB 🤞🏽You always gone be my champ baby and don’t you ever forget that, i love you so much and i can’t wait till you come home and i get to see that beautiful smile again. You know I’m always here for you baby ❤️❤️

They have also added that they will keep evaluating her for her participation in the individual final events next week. And that it was brave for her to choose her well-being above everything else. Similarly, her fans have also been supporting her decision.

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 Simone Biles pulls out of all-around final


On the other hand, one contestant wasn’t present on Tuesday because she hadn’t made it to the final. That was 21-year-old Jade Carey, however, even though the other team members had made it through. And with Biles gone, it’s Carey that substituted her. And it’s no wonder why!

She has scored plenty of points before in the series of the Apparatus World Cup, and she is even an expert in various exercises, particularly floor and vaults. So her selection put an end to the confusion and controversy as to why she wasn’t picked for the final team in the first place! But each team could only have two members, and hence Simon Biles and Sunisa Lee were the two representatives. And Carey had been on the ninth spot, so her decision to join the team now makes sense given the efforts and expertise!

We have all been going through the global pandemic and know precisely how mental health is so important. The last two years have been a roller coaster for almost all of us. And while we cannot precisely feel what Biles has been going through, we can all understand how pressure and stress can take a toll on our brains. So it was purely a selfless act for Simon Biles to put the team’s interest above her own. So definitely, we appreciate and applaud Biles for considering her mental health and inspiring all of us!