Cameroonian/French mixed martial artist, Francis Ngannou who is the reigning UCF heavyweight champion has embraced euphoric atmosphere upon his visit to his homeland, Cameroon.


UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou got the well deserved welcome upon arriving in Cameroon.


The street of Yaoundé, the capital city of Cameroon was full of natives cheering and happily hailing the champion for his prestigious achievement, as displayed in the broadcast video, they all sought to have a feel of Francis Ngannou.

Some wanted to touch his belt, outfit and the body in celebrating his victory. It was such a very nice gesture from the country people in welcoming him back home after his historic win.


Meeting the press and the state officials, he genuinely expressed his gratitude to the fans and the country at large for supporting and encouraging him throughout his journey as a sportsman.

Subsequently, he asserted that, the huge morale is what keeps him motivated to develop his skills which contributed greatly to his success today.

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 “I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you have given me, it is what has kept me going. Three years ago, I failed my mission and I promised to bring this belt home to you.

And it is thanks to the daily encouragement I receive from you. You are my strength, my motivation, it is thanks to you that I was able to accomplish my mission” ~ Yaoundé

As an African who grew up from a less privileged background, Francis Ngannou has really made the best out of his life despite his background and serves as a great inspiration not only to Africa but to the whole world.

Francis Ngannou has given hope and encouragement to anyone who wants to give up that is worth trying and not to give up matter what.

He’s a sign poster for Hope, believe, focus, persistent  and  not taking one’s eyes off the target set ahead not matter how many years it take

Bienvenue au pays Francis Ngannou! Nous Sommes Fiers de Toi 

Photo Credit: Francis Ngannou

The most anticipated fight is finally here in 2 days time!

Francis Ngannou vs Stipe Miocic  who are you rooting for?

On Saturday March 27, Francis Ngannou will be competing in a rematch for UFC heavyweight title against Stipe Miocic who is the reigning champion.


The two heavyweight champions fought in January 2018. The match ended in favour of Stipe Miocic through an unanimous decision.

Francis Ngannou arriving at the UFC 260 Press Conference

In the just ended  pre-fight discussion saw the fighters expressing their thoughts and expectations for the match to the media.

Commenting on the last fight with Stipe Miocic which he lost, Francis Ngannou admitted that Stipe was a better fighter than him  because there were several mistakes which made.


‘When I look at that fight, I hate watchin that fight because I don’t recognize myself..When I look at that fight, I do not recognise myself. The way that I fought, that’s not me. That fight helped me to understand and experience a lot of things, things I will get right in this one.’ ~ Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou at the UFC 260 Press Conference

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Francis Ngannou is optimistic  thato do a better job this time around because he and his team have invested a lot of time and have prepared thoroughly.

 He has put lots of work in his wrestling, jiu-jitsu as well as striking and he that he has improved a lot.

He has mastered his skills and have no doubt about him winning the title from his opponent, Stipe the reigning champion because has evolved and now a better fighter.

“I might be 34 years old but I believe that I’m very young in the sports and have a lot of place to grow”~Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou has support from around the world especially  from all the African community  yes we are all rooting for Francis Ngannou!

Bonne Chance Dans Votre Combat  François 

Photo Credit: Francis Ngannou | UFC 260 Press Conference


Francis Ngannou is a Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts Champion who hails from Cameroon. He was born in September, 1986 in Batié, a village located in the western province of Cameroon.


Raised in the same village, Francis Ngannou went through the roughest road in life due to financial constraints which even affected his education. He was just six years old when he went to live with extended relatives.


The precarious situation made him find himself on the path of life where he had to hustle and make ends meet as well as being independent at an early age. Hence, he took his debut job at the age of 10 in a sand quarry in his hometown, Batié to support himself.


Francis Ngannou’s interest in boxing began when he had an in-depth analysis about his father’s image, in the village at the time and realised he could turn his father’s  reputation as a street fighter into something positive by pursuing a job in boxing.

In the beginning of his intended career path as a boxer, his family were somehow ambivalent about it but he stood on firm grounds to pursue his dream.


He started engaging in trainings with a small club in Douala city, Cameroon at age 22. His strong and eminent passion for boxing made him auctioned all that he owned to buy his sports outfits and equipment to help fulfil his vision as an internationally recognised boxer.

He decided to migrate to France’s capital Paris, to pursue professional boxing at the age of 26. Didier Carmont who was ready to help him reach his full potential.

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He was advised by Carmont to rather venture into mixed martial art despite his original interest in boxing as a fan of Mike Tyson.

He then equipped himself with the skills and in August 2013 he began fighting for free under Fernand Lopez Owonyebe at a gym known as the MMA Factory.

Francis Ngannou was successful in almost all his fights when he started fighting as MMA in France.

His success earned him other regional promotions in Europe as well and in 2015, he made his professional debut under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the U.S which is the world’s largest MMA league.

Francis Ngannou is one of the celebrities who give back to his community through his foundation Francis Ngannou Foundation helps the less privileged to make their dreams a reality.


‘The Francis Ngannou Foundation is to provide the children of Cameroon with the skills to expand their horizons and realize their dreams’~ Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou set to fight with Stipe Miocic in a months time on ESPN PLUS


Photo Credit: Francis Ngannou