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U.S. Has Lifted The Visa Restrictions In Ghana

U.S. Has Lifted The Visa Restrictions In Ghana

In February 2019, the us government placed embargo on Ghana visa because the government of Ghana failed to issue travelling document to more than 7,000 Ghanaians that the united states wanted to deport.

Among the restrictions were discontinuation of issuance of all non-immigrant visa (NIV) to the public workers of Ghanaian diplomats hosted in the US

As well as restraints on the normal 5-year validity period and the number of entries of on new tourist and business visas for every



Ghanaian executive and legislative branch employees, their partners and children below 21 years to single entry visas authorized for just a month.

Nonetheless, the US embassy in Ghana released a statement addressing the visa restriction on Ghana.


This time it stated that, the US government has lifted the visa restrains on Ghana following an established mutual agreement process for identification,

legalization and issuance of travel documents to citizens of Ghana under the final orders of removal in a mode, reliable with global standards issued by International Civil Aviation Organization of which Ghana is a member state


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Credit: US Embassy Ghana

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