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60 Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Have Escaped Their Captors

60 Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Have Escaped Their Captors

bring-back-our-girls More than 60 women and girls abducted last month by suspected militants in northeast Nigeria have escaped their captors, sources said Sunday, but more than 200 schoolgirls are still being held by the Islamist.

”It’s 83 days today that the girls have been abducted,’’ activist Aisha Yesufu told the press after about 50 members of the Bring Back Our Girls movement tried yesterday to march to the presidential palace in Abuja but were asked by security forces to turn back.

”We have been coming out for 68 days and nobody has really listened to us,’’ Ms Yesufu told reporters after the march.

That is why the group ”decided that we should just take the protest back to the President so that he will know that we are still out there after the 68 days that we have been coming out daily’’.

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