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African Celebrities: Happy Birthday Shalom Nchom

African Celebrities: Happy Birthday Shalom Nchom

Join us in wishing one of our favourite African Celebs a very happy birthday! Makeup artist Shalom Nchom, popularly known as

Shalom Blac is a year older today!  Wishing this strong and amazing woman lady God’s richest blessings on her birthday and every day.  May God continues to use you to inspire more people and also heal you and your sister.

Shalom Blac is an inspiration to the world her story reminds us of

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou

is not to tell your story to inspire others than to keep it inside you.

The Nigerian-born YouTube Makeup Tutorials And Fashion star now resides in the States, in most of her touching interviews that we have watched Shalom Blac narrates how she got her burn. She says it all happened when she was around 9 years old, while she and her sister were sleeping inside her mums store where burning hot oil fell on them and they were horrible burnt…

Happy Birthday Shalom Nchom Photo Credit Shalom Blac (Instagram Page)

They were later sent to USA for further medical treatment with the help of her aunty.Shalom Blac also talks about how kids made fun of her and calling them names. Shalom Blac is using her social media platforms with a reach of almost 2 million (70,557,427 views on YouTube) to inspire other burn survivors, people with confidence issue on how to love them selves, Makeup Tutorials And Fashion tips and more…

One thing is for sure Shalom Blac is the one having the laughing last! Bet all those who were making fun of her are now saying she’s their friend! We hope her story will inspire all the bullies out there to get a life! 

Don’t Let Your Bullies Define Who You Are!

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