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AfroLandTV: Online streaming TV channel…

AfroLandTV: Online streaming TV channel…

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The return is an awesome flick you’ll enjoy while taking a break from work or just chilling on a Tuesday night. The film was made in France. The story is about a young teenage boy named Willy, who after years of not seeing his brother, is excited to be reunited. With the reunion, Willy’s brother brings a secret that will forever change Willy. A must watch and its free to watch and sign up.


This film right here ‘Diembe’ is my favorite! If you’re an African immigrant leaving abroad you’ll love this one will get a kick out of it too. It’s about a teenage Kenyan boy who moves to the UK with high hopes only to be welcomed by bad weather, ignorant pupils and even worse, touchy feely girls. As he struggles to fit in at school, one unlikely friendship with a curious classmate is going to change everything. You need to watch this and its free to watch


Up for some romance? How can you not love a tall dark African man, ‘From San Francisco with Love’ is a beautifully shot movie filmed in Paris, France. The film stars Jeanne, a political science student, who meets James, a tall, chocolate, young African jazzman who came to take a year off in Paris. Things get heated. You can rent this film for 2 days, plus you get a full refund if you don’t like it, no questions asked.


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