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Global News: Yellow Vests Protest In Paris…

Global News: Yellow Vests Protest In Paris…

Yellow vest protesters clash with police in Paris.  The ‘Yellow vest’ violence is believed to have erupted across Europe.  Almost 1, 600 + have been arrested. Paris riots has become worst since student uprising some years ago,

The world is looking up to Emmanuel Macron  to ‘ bring peace back to France’ after another Yellow Vest protests hit Paris. The yellow vests movement, (yellow jacket movement)  originally that started online in May 2018 and eventually led to demonstrations that began in Paris, France on 17th  November 2018.

Shops are being looted, cars are either burnt or vandalise. Most hotels are closed or not getting guest to even check in

Yellow Vests Protest In Paris

Tourism has been affected, France is usually very busy around this time of the year because of the Christmas season…

The riot situation in France is a very explosive … PRAYING FOR FRANCE





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